How to write a product text for SEO?

The action of positioning is placing or placing something in the right place and place to obtain the expected results.

In the business, commercial and MKT field, there are hundreds of strategies, tools and techniques to achieve these ends. SEO —for example— is one of them and also one of the most used.

The services, products or content offered by any business or company must know how to reach its audience. This is achieved through the creation and writing of texts based on the elements of an SEO practice .

If you want to learn everything about the production of these SEO texts and their relationship with your products or services, keep reading the information we have for you.

Surely you will find interesting information that can help you improve your practices and strategies.

What is SEO?

By now, any professional or enthusiast in the field knows and knows what SEO is. However, it never hurts to resume the discussion around this very important technique.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , whose translation into Spanish is Search Engine Optimization . It is a set of techniques, strategies, skills and tools that help to position a page or web content in a natural (or organic) way. Its elements are adapted to different search engines.

Nowadays, SEO is a fundamental part in the design, creation, configuration and maintenance of web campaigns. This is done in order to improve its dissemination and positioning to make itself known and meet established objectives.

Unlike SEM, SEO is an option that does not require a large financial investment. In some cases, you don't need it. However, it is necessary to invest time and perseverance in the creation of content and materials to achieve the desired positioning.

What is an SEO text?

SEO texts, better known in the field as "SEO writing", are part of an action to design and write content for a website . The essence of these contents is born from the objective of positioning itself as the first results in a search engine.

Both the writing, as well as the content and techniques, must be fully optimized for search engines.

SEO texts, whether they are part of a product, service or just content, are important to increase organic traffic rates and have a greater brand presence.

How to write a good SEO text

Whether you're looking to write SEO copy for a product, service, or campaign, the recommendations are often general to some extent.

Next, we will present you with the best tips and suggestions so that your next SEO text is a success.

Know your audience . This, in principle, should not represent any problem. However, try to design goals that fit your type of audience .

Study the competition . Especially to the competition that uses organic media (SEO), since this can help you see under what terms they are positioned.

Keyword research analysis . This activity consists of researching and analyzing the most popular terms or words on which you can work. This action can ensure the creation of great content.

Know the type of content needed . Depending on your company and your audience, it is necessary to know what type of content is necessary. Articles, guides, case studies, rankings, service pages? Discover the interests of your audience and start working.

Creation of structures . The contents (whatever they are) need to follow a structure and methodology. It is vital to plan the strategies to follow so that the contents are a success.

Language tone . This point is related to the audience, since it is necessary to know which public the text will be addressed to. In this regard, you should know what kind of language the population you want to address speaks.

It should be mentioned that each person or company has a different style of writing and presenting its content. Try to be as faithful as possible to your style so that there is a special uniformity in each word, sentence, paragraph and article.

SEO writing for products and services

In the event that the text is directed towards a particular product or service, the strategy is as follows: the protagonist of the text returns to the service or product .

For example, if you have launched a new chemical-free cat litter with odor-inhibiting capsules for sale, create texts around cat litters, their differences, and how your new cat litter can intervene in any of all subtopics.

Also, you can create new content from this product; from "tips for keeping litter boxes clean" to "how to keep your cat hygienic." In any theme, your product will be the protagonist .

What should be avoided when doing SEO texts?

There are various situations that should be avoided so that our SEO does not decrease. Among the main tips and recommendations are:

  • Avoid duplicate content . In other words, avoid copying and creating content identical to other pages.
  • Repeat or abuse keywords . It is true that its use is essential (and almost mandatory) in the creation of SEO texts, however, this resource must not be abused.
  • Do not create monotonous, boring or repetitive content.
  • Avoid using a tone of language that is difficult to understand.
  • Not using enough synonyms and connectors.
  • Make texts too short.


The creation of texts and SEO writing is essential for companies, businesses and organizations to be able to head towards a good path of development.

In this sense, the writing of texts allows to optimize and promote the products, services or contents of any company.

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