Customer Journey: The ideal way to generate higher sales

In order for you to achieve your commercial objectives (conversions), it is necessary to create your Customer Journey perfectly, only then will you know which are the strongest points and those that require special attention within your purchase process. For this reason, at MHA we share the following with you:

What is the Customer Journey?

The Customer Journey or also known as the "purchasing process" or "buyer's journey", is the entire path that a user takes to acquire a product or service.

That is to say, it implies from the moment a person discovers that they have a need and ends when they buy a good or service that solves it .

But sometimes the Customer Journey can go beyond the sale, since sometimes certain goods or services require some kind of technical support or post-purchase activation.

To better understand what we are talking about, we will explain the different phases of the Customer Journey .

Customer Journey What is it?

Phases of the Customer Journey (prior to purchase)

Before a potential customer decides to make a purchase, they go through the following 4 steps or phases:

discovery phase

It is the stage where the consumer realizes that he has a problem or need and begins to analyze it to find a possible solution.

learning phase

Once you fully understand your problem or need, the next step is to find the solution that solves it, in this case it would be a product or service.

Consideration phase

Arriving at this stage, the consumer has already analyzed the different alternatives on the market (products or services) and it is time to choose the one that best meets their needs.

decision phase

The user buys the product or acquires the service that he considers to be the right one for him.

Customer Journey phases

Phases of the Customer Journey (post sale)

The post-sale phases refer to the analysis that each company makes of its entire journey and the optimizations and improvements that it can make to make it easier for the client to understand and execute.

It consists of the following phases:

Implementation phase

This is where the changes or adjustments are made to improve the path of the purchase process ( Customer Journey ) and of course, the post-purchase actions that we mentioned above.

Test phase

The corresponding tests of the changes, adjustments and actions are carried out to be able to measure the results in detail.

maintenance phase

Here final adjustments are made, weak points in the process are reinforced and constantly monitored. All with the aim of making the Customer Journey more and more efficient.

Benefits of having a well-planned Customer Journey

Having a well-planned and implemented buyer's journey brings with it the following advantages:

Helps to understand what your journey is like

It allows you to identify the so-called "contact points", that is, through which channels the user comes into contact with your products, services and/or brand.

Understand what your weak points are

In this stage you can identify the vanishing points and the obstacles that the consumer faces to get to the next phase. This information is perfect for strengthening and making a more fluid path.

Improve your marketing strategies

With more accurate information about consumer tastes and behaviors, you will be able to build stronger strategies for each of the phases.

Guide the user strategically

It allows you to build a path where in each phase you offer content, user experience and value proposition to generate greater engagement and brand preference.

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What are pain points?

Pain points are the needs or pain points suffered by the Buyer Persona and that it is the obligation of a brand to know. By being aware of them, it is possible to create, adapt or improve the Customer Journey, as well as the content and even the product or service itself.

Pain points can be:

  • Needs.
  • Issues.
  • Frustrations. Excessive prices.
  • Poor service from other providers.
  • Missed opportunities.
  • Motivations.
  • Inefficiencies.

How to define the Customer Journey

In order to establish a competent Customer Journey, the following is necessary:

Clear and strategic objectives

The first step is to define your objectives to give a viable direction to your Customer Journey .

For example, if the key is to reduce the unsubscription of some type of service, then the objective must focus on the cause of said unsubscriptions and better guide your strategies to eradicate user disagreements. 

Have a clear profile of your Buyer Persona

The Buyer Persona is key to defining your Customer Journey since it gives you information about who he is, how he thinks, how he acts and most importantly: how he buys.

Thanks to this, you will be able to develop a fairly close and effective communication.

Defined touch points

As we have already mentioned before, it is to identify the interactions that the user has with your brand.

That is, in which channels it is present and which ones it occupies depending on the phase it is in.

For example: website, social networks, blog, contact form, technical support, etc.

Information analysis tools

Google Analytics , Facebook Analytics, Facebook Pixel are essential platforms when it comes to collecting information.

In them you will find solid data about their web behavior, motivations, their purchase processes, content of interest, how they carry out certain searches, how many completed a purchase, how many did not complete the process, etc.

What is the Customer Journey Map?

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Written by Moises Hamui Abadi : I am an entrepreneur, founding partner of Viceversa and SoyMacho. After being in charge of several digital businesses and advising several other businesses; I decided to form MHA Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy dedicated to growing and empowering digital businesses in more than 7 countries and generating more than 1,500 million pesos.

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