Google Ads: Types of advertising campaigns

Learn about the types of ad campaigns you can implement based on your business goals and how to get the best results .

Google Ads advertising campaigns

Search campaigns

Objective : web traffic, sales, conversions

Search campaigns are an advertising strategy that consists of strategically creating and positioning ads ( text ads ) within the Google search engine page.

For your Search campaigns to work, your plan must be based on keywords that, on the one hand, allow the public to find your product or service with terms related to these words, and on the other, that Google shows your sponsored link in the top positions. .

To achieve these results, it is necessary to offer the keyword or keywords for which you want to position yourself and in the average of the investment you make you will obtain the benefits.

How do Search campaigns work?

When a user performs a search on Google and uses terms related to the keyword you chose to bid on , your ads will be activated and automatically appear in the top positions.

You can easily identify them because, being a paid ad, it has certain distinctive elements. For example, they have a specific "Ad" legend accompanied by a specific URL, specific information and a structured database ( ranking ).

Display campaigns

Objective : Consideration of the brand and/or product, web traffic

Display campaigns are another digital format that allows you to create ads in a more visual and interactive way. That is, it displays ads in the form of banners, rich media, images, gifs, etc.

These publications will be displayed on the Google display network (website, videos, blogs, third-party apps, other Google platforms) but in a strategic and intelligent way, since it will only show the products or services in which the consumer showed interest.

How do display campaigns work?

Display campaigns are designed to build brand awareness and show targeted display ads to profiles who have shown interest in certain items.

In other words, when a user is browsing the web, the ads will be activated automatically and will show the products or services for which the consumer has shown some interest. These ads will appear either on the top or on the sides of the site you are visiting.

One of the great advantages of using display campaigns is that it allows you to make very specific segmentations, but above all strategic. For example, you can define your audience based on geographic location, gender, age, interests, similar audiences, keywords, etc.

Google Ads campaign

Google Shopping campaigns

Objective : Sales

Shopping campaigns allow you to promote your brand's inventory or product catalog in an attractive way, through personalized ads .

For these ad campaigns to work properly, the platform will rely on data from your Google Merchant Center product feed. For this reason, it is necessary to have the information of your products well defined and updated to carry out a correct configuration and thus obtain the expected results.

How do Shopping campaigns work?

Shopping ads are triggered when a user performs a certain search and the search matches the information attributes of a product previously established in the Merchat Center data feed. Then Google will show it within the same page of the search engine with certain characteristics.

For example, the ad will be designed with an image of the item, a title, the price, and the brand name. If the user clicks on the ad, it will redirect them to a specific landing page where they can buy the product.

Video Campaigns

Objective : Awareness and reach of the brand, potential customers

Since YouTube is the second most popular search engine and, without a doubt, one of the favorites by users, video campaigns could not be left behind.

Thanks to this format you can implement ads that talk about your products or services in an attractive and strategic way. You can also take advantage of the fact that your brand reaches a larger audience and encourage a conversion. 

How do Video campaigns work?

Video campaigns are oriented to be displayed every time a user enters the streaming platform . Of course, everything will depend on the commercial objective you want to achieve: branding , positioning, promoting a product, etc.

The key is to properly segment your target audience and choose from among the different formats offered by the platform the one that is most functional for your campaign.

Currently the video ads available on YouTube are:

Skippable in-stream ads

They play before, during and after other videos and can be removed by the viewer after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable in-stream ads

They last around 15 seconds and are designed so that the ad reaches the viewer completely.

Discovery video ads

These types of ads are exclusive to YouTube and are displayed when the viewer discovers content of interest. It can appear in different formats, but one of the main ones is thumbnail ads.

bumper ads

They are videos that last around 6 seconds and cannot be skipped. They are designed to help you reach a larger number of customers and increase brand awareness.

Types of Google Ads campaigns

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