Meta Ads for your prospecting and retargeting strategy

Meta Ads is a powerful tool that can be used for both retargeting and prospecting your business. Retargeting allows you to keep your brand in front of users who have already generated actions that show interest in your products or services, while prospecting will allow you to reach new potential customers and expand your market.

Both strategies can be extremely effective, but it is important to understand how they work and how to use them efficiently. When used properly, Meta Ads is a powerful and necessary tool for growing your business.

meta ads to increase your conversions

Retargeting and Prospecting: What are they and why do they matter?

What exactly are retargeting and prospecting? R etargeting is the process of targeting ads to people who have ever visited your website , interacted with your brand in some way, or crossed paths with your social networks in a specific time. This can be done by creating custom audiences on Facebook and targeting your ads to them.

For its part, prospecting is the process of reaching potential customers through segmentation with similar interests or with audiences similar to the users who previously carried out a digital action with your business.

The essential key to this process is to know the target audience and the proper use of the tool to generate effective audiences; This supposes in the first instance a research and investment exercise for the generation of learning on the platform.

The key to the success of these strategies is to understand and work on them together, understanding that each one has a different process and that they must be dealt with in separate campaigns.

On the one hand, we have the prospecting phase, in which, through advertisements that publicize the brand's value proposition, we approach users who might be interested in purchasing the products and services for the first time; those who show a clear interest by entering the site, adding products to the cart, sending a message, or interacting with ads, may not complete the purchase process and that is when the retargeting strategy comes into play.

segmentation is essential in retargeting and prospecting

With retargeting, by getting closer again to these users who had a clear interest in the business, we can be much more persuasive with communication by giving greater weight to incentives such as promotions, trust verifiers such as reviews or mentions in the press; And with that, finish convincing them to make a purchase or to become leads .

Additionally, it is convenient to keep the strategies in different campaigns separated by the budget assigned to each one; in the prospecting stage we are talking to a greater number of people, which tends to generate more expensive costs per result.

While in the retargeting strategy we are segmenting a reduced group of users who are more predisposed to generate results, due to their previous behavior, with which the costs are lower.

Meta Ads is a necessary tool in general for business growth, regardless of the segmentation possibilities, artificial intelligence and data collection through the pixel optimize both strategies, since by specifically indicating what actions within our site we consider useful. value and we optimize the campaigns for this purpose, the artificial intelligence of the platform seeks to achieve results in a better way; that is, the more users carry out actions on the site, the more data the pixel has and the better the optimization will be.

keys to the success of retargeting and prospecting

Tips for the successful implementation of these strategies:

  1. Announcements: Announcements are the point of contact with users, so consider basic actions such as having adequate formats; As well as the creation of effective messages, they bring you closer to achieving results, always keeping in mind that communication depends on the type of audience we are addressing.
  2. Segmentation : Knowing age groups, states or cities with greater possibilities of generating conversions is essential to achieve successful segmentation; In the same way, knowing your market will allow you to define what interests could serve as a starting point to start testing and optimizing.
  3. Experiment with different ad formats : Not all audiences are amenable to the same formats, for example, simultaneously testing an image, a carousel, and a video; could help you optimize in the short and long term.
  4. Prospecting with Lookalike audiences : Similar audiences work based on people who have already shown interest in the brand (with whom we do retargeting); With them we can generate audiences that have a certain similarity with the pixel data and are also likely to show interest.
  1. Test different targets at the same time : Having multiple ad sets with different targets in your prospecting and retargeting campaigns will help you to always be testing new audiences and improving the overall cost per result of the campaign.

To conclude, remember that the best way to optimize is by trying, making mistakes and trying again.

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