Moments of truth in customer service

Customer service is an essential field in the development of any company. The purposes of this area are so broad and varied that they make it a fundamental element for the proper operation of services and interactions with customers.

Likewise, it is made up of different characters, one of them —which we will review today— is known as “ moments of truth ”.

If you want to know more about customer service, as well as its moments of truth, we recommend you continue reading the article we have for you. Surely you will take a new learning about this topic.

What is customer service?

Customer service is a set of interrelated activities offered by a supplier (company or business) in order for its customer to obtain the product or service at the appropriate time and place.

It also ensures its correct use.

In the same way, it can be understood as customer service the diagnosis that must be developed in the company always in favor of the needs and tastes of the client, since this is the one who makes the organization gain positioning .

Importance of customer service

The importance of this service lies in the fact that it increases the credibility of a brand and company based on the attention given to users and customers.

Likewise, it is usually one of the most relevant factors for the customer loyalty rate to increase organically and without many complications.

On the other hand, customer service allows optimizing the reputation of the company, as well as its recommendations.

What is a moment of truth?

The moment of truth is, broadly speaking, an instant in which the user of our brand contacts customer service and, eventually, a quality opinion of the latter is created and based.

In this sense, to offer and have a better customer service, it is necessary to be in control of each moment of truth, that is, to be in control of the circumstances and direct them in the right direction.

Analogously, moments of truth do not occur randomly, as they generally occur in the form of a logical and measurable sequence .

Through this pathway, it is able to accurately identify the improvements required to provide the services.

Moments of truth in customer service

Here are some examples of moments of truth in customer service. This in order to analyze its elements and properties.

zero moment of truth

Known in English as Zero moment of truth (ZMOT), it is a concept created by Google executive Jim Lecinski in 2011.

These are the actions that users perform to inquire about brands or businesses in order to make better decisions.

Understood in another way, the ZMOT can be conceived as an online investigation carried out by potential customers about a certain service or product before making a decision.

It is normal for all of us to carry out the ZMOT when looking for a product that suits our needs or preferences.

first moment of truth

The essence of this moment is born when the customer and the product/service have a meeting , which can occur in person or virtually.

During this scenario, the user will determine if the product matches what was served at the zero moment of truth. Let's use an example:

  • During the zero moment of truth, one person searched for the best waffles in town. The result of your search was a business that sells three large waffles with two scoops of ice cream of your favorite flavor.
  • During the first moment of truth the person went to the business. During this time, you will determine if the place offers you the three large waffles and if they really give you two scoops of ice cream of any flavor. From here it depends on being a satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

Businesses and companies must deliver what is promised to their customers, since it is a crucial moment.

second moment of truth

This moment is characterized by the acquisition of the product or service by the customer.

It is the ideal time to meet customer expectations or, in the best case, to exceed them and instantly win a customer.

However, there may also be a scenario in which the company or business does not deliver what it promised during ZMOT.

Continuing with our example:

Scenario 1The place offered the person a free drink and the waffles were bigger than what they appear in their advertisement. Also, they have a wide variety of flavors. This scenario exceeded expectations.

Scenario 2 : the place complies with what it offers. The waffles are delicious and the person can choose the ice cream flavor they want. This scenario met expectations.

Scenario 3 - The waffles were cold and only had a few flavors of ice cream. It definitely did not meet what was promised, nor what was expected.

The second moment of truth is one of the most important, as it is the first exchange with potential customers.

third moment of truth

During this moment of truth, the user will generate and share their opinions regarding the product or service through the channels of their choice; from your social circle to your favorite social networks.

Some know this moment as the " supreme moment of truth " since, naturally, a true opinion and position of the client about the service, product, business or company is offered.

In conclusion

Moments of truth in customer service are capable of generating a positive or negative environment and interaction with users.

All this depends on the response to the expectations and needs that your company offers to customers in each scenario and circumstance of contact.

In short, the moments of truth will redundantly reflect the truth about the processes that companies carry out to interact with their customers and, in this way, offer them an enriching experience that exceeds their expectations.

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