7 SEO tools that will save you time

Over the years, the tools to save time and improve SEO are renewed to offer users interesting alternatives for the creation of their content and materials; from software to browser extensions.

In some cases, it seems that these tools can make our work (too) easier, to the point of thinking that we can be replaced; A big mistake.

Professionals in the field are too far from being replaced by some AI or software, since what is currently valued (and for a long time) is the "artisan" work of each person.

Likewise, it should be noted that search engine algorithms update quickly with new SEO tools, since, to put it in some way, they do not reward easy work.

Although it is true that SEO tools are a great indispensable agent to promote content, strategies and other resources, they should not be used excessively, since it can harm the very essence of the content.

If you want to learn about the main SEO tools, as well as their function and main features, we recommend you continue reading the article we have for you.


Although it has a particular name, it is one of the most important SEO tools today. It is a website tracker that has different functions, among which we can find:

  • Analyze the structure of web pages to check if it meets the necessary elements within the framework of an SEO practice.
  • Look for and report certain errors or problems, such as: redirection problems, slow page loading and other factors that affect the performance of the website.
  • Study the data of the server where the website is hosted; from the type of response it offers to particularities of the IP that may be a fundamental part of an adjustment.

Likewise, among the tasks that this so-called “SEO spider tool” can carry out, are the following, which, it should be noted, were recovered from your own website:

  • Find broken links.
  • Analysis of page titles and metadata.
  • Data extraction with XPath.
  • Analyze robots and directives.
  • Crawl JavaScript websites.
  • Schedule audits.
  • Audit redirects.
  • Discover cases and data of duplicate content.
  • Generate XML sitemaps.
  • Visualize and analyze the architecture of the sites.

Screaming Frog is a paid software whose annuity costs 239.00 euros, the equivalent of just over $4,700.00 MXN.

The good news is that it has a completely free version, although with more limited functions, but that make a difference when used on our website.


Web Developer is a totally free extension for Google Chrome that helps web development professionals to improve their work strategies and facilitate their work. Like any Google Chrome extension, a button is added to the home page in order to make use of its functions and advantages, such as:

  • Activate or deactivate visual elements or JavaScript properties to test the loading speed of the page, as well as its accessibility.
  • Study and check the legibility and accessibility spectra for people with different abilities.
  • Inspect and modify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code.
  • Check that a site is compatible with other browsers and search engines.

Likewise, this extension offers certain modifiers that will allow the developer to optimize the performance of their website, generating opportunities for empowerment in SEO practice.


Continuing with the great tools of Google Chrome, now we will know two of them: META in 1 CLICK and META SEO Inspector, both are free extensions.

META SEO Inspector is an extension aimed at web developers whose job it is to optimally verify the HTML of their website, this in order to stay out of Google's requirements.

According to information retrieved from its own site, the main features and functions of this extension are:

  • Fix technical failures that the site presents.
  • Study the competitors.
  • Export and print reports.
  • Easy copying of meta tags.
  • Know all the metadata

For its part, META in 1 CLICK is a tool that helps analyze the SEO of a website.

It concentrates important data in its interface; from metadata to main information of the site, this in order to better visualize the components of the page and have more administration on them. It is possible to display elements such as:

  • Headers.
  • links.
  • Titles and their number of characters.
  • Meta description and its number of characters.
  • URL features.
  • Images.
  • links.

Thanks to this extension, it is also possible to know reports about the page's server, which translates into knowledge of the state of geographic location, economic value, and traffic.

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Continuing the analysis of Google Chrome tools, we have Looker Studio , a business intelligence and tool that helps make business decisions efficiently.

This tool can facilitate the following tasks:

  • Connect a database to more than 800 data sources to improve the quality of service.
  • Generate business metrics from fully automatic control panels.
  • Create compelling stories from reports and data visualizations that grab audiences' attention.
  • Generate graphs, diagrams and other resources that are customizable to be able to serve them correctly.

In general, with Looker Studio it is possible to get more out of the data. This helps developers to make much more accurate and intelligent business decisions.


In the very name of the program we can get the first approximations of what Built With is about.

As can be seen, its name comes from the Anglo-Saxon verb build , which means "to build". From this, we know that Built With is a tool that helps to know what technologies and techniques have been part of the construction of a website.

Although it may not sound that interesting, it is a totally useful tool that helps web developers to know more detail about their own site and technologies.

Among the main features and functions of this program, we can find that it has:

  • Market analysis.
  • Generation of leads.
  • Cyber ​​risk audit.
  • API accesses.
  • Data coverage.
  • Report filtering.
  • Browser extensions.
  • Sales intelligence.
  • CRM integrations.
  • Alternative data.
  • Leading generation.
  • Screencast demo.

Although Built With offers free tools, most of its features are housed in its paid plans. The first is the Basic plan, with a monthly price of $295.00 MXN.

Then there is the Pro plan, with a monthly price of $495.00 MXN. Finally, there is the Team plan, which has a monthly price of $995.00 MXN.


It is time to present one of the tools that has been in trend for the last couple of months. In fact, we asked ChatGPT himself what it is and this was his answer: “It is an artificial language model designed to process and generate text. […] ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot system that uses an advanced language model to converse with users.”

Indeed, it is a pre-trained chatbot with more than 175 million parameters that optimally generate some tasks related to language.

Its application is versatile and very wide; from home or school, to work, not to mention that it can be a great resource to entertain yourself from time to time by asking interesting questions.

However, and as it is indicated on its official site, it is an artificial intelligence that is still open to errors. Among its main functions are:

  • Answer follow-up questions.
  • Question correct or incorrect premises.
  • admit mistakes.
  • Reject requests that are inappropriate or do not follow your rules.

It has been a great resource among professionals in the field, since it can generate ideas, strategies and, why not? Contents. However, there is a big general caveat surrounding all of this: the information and data from this AI is not always correct. Therefore, it is not recommended to fully copy each word that ChatGPT offers us.

The ideal way in which this tool can be used is to help developers and content creators solve very specific doubts or to encourage creativity.

The consequences of making the famous "copy and paste" on our website with content generated by ChatGPT, is that SEO points and quality are subtracted from us. The algorithm of the search engines constantly works to put aside all that material in which the use of an AI intervenes, for the most part.


Finally, we have a Google Chrome extension called MozBar. It is a completely free tool that allows users to generate SEO analysis of the websites they browse.

Naturally, it helps to know and obtain relevant information about the performance of the different web pages. Among the main features of this extension are:

  • Make personalized searches based on the country, region or city.
  • Access and compare link metrics between pages.
  • Find and identify the keywords.
  • Differentiate followed, unfollowed, external and internal links.
  • Export page analysis details to a CSV file.

Although at first you can obtain great benefits with the MozBar extension, its benefits can be enhanced if you subscribe to MozBar Premium, such as:

  • Know the difficulty of the keywords.
  • Get details about page optimization.
  • Content suggestions for any keyword on any page.
  • Delve into analytics metrics and data.

Without a doubt, MozBar is one of the most popular free and paid Chrome extensions for web developers.


SEO tools and extensions are quite useful to improve the performance and efficiency of the processes that affect our websites and their content.

They help save time and effort in exchange for, in some cases, a monetary investment that is never usually that high. By starting to implement these tools and extensions we will be able to effectively and timely contend against the competition.

Written by Moises Hamui Abadi : I am an entrepreneur, founding partner of Viceversa and SoyMacho. After being in charge of several digital businesses and advising several other businesses; I decided to form MHA Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy dedicated to growing and empowering digital businesses in more than 7 countries and generating more than 1,500 million pesos.

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