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google ads

Google Ads

Create campaigns of all kinds on Google and its network of advertisers. Watch your budget and get qualified leads.

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campañas redes sociales

Campaigns in Social Networks

We generate ads that captivate the public of Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Connect through the most used platforms.

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web positioning

We position your brand in the first results of Google organically. Get ready to increase your traffic.

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Content Marketing

We create content to capture your users and convert them into customers. We turn ideas into words that seduce.

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agencia de email marketing

Email Marketing

We advise you to create truly effective emails. Email marketing is a powerful tool that you should try.

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analitica web

Web Analytics

The data does not lie. With our help you will be able to understand everything that happens on your site and make the best decisions.

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Por qué trabajar con nosotros

* Nuestra visión global y actualizada de las tendencias, con las herramientas y las mejores prácticas del marketing digital.

* Nuestro conocimiento profundo y específico de Google Ads, sus características, sus ventajas y sus desafíos.

* Nuestra metodología propia y probada para diseñar, implementar y optimizar campañas de Google Ads que cumplan con tus expectativas y necesidades.

* Nuestra atención personalizada y cercana a cada cliente, ofreciendo soluciones a medida, asesoramiento constante y reportes detallados.


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What steps does a digital consultancy follow?

metodologia mha  estatus


We know where you are standing. What do you sell? How do you sell it? How much do you sell? why do you do it like that?

metodologia mha  costos


Here we find acronyms such as ROI and CLV. Are you profitable? We analyze how much your clients cost you.

metodologia mha  presupuesto


We help you define how much to spend on advertising with respect to your objectives. Here, we define the channels that are best for you based on previous analysis.

metodologia mha proyeccion


The resource expenses are prospected in a minimum period of 2 months, to focus from the beginning on the reality of the campaigns and their economic impact for the company.

metodologia mha estrategia


We have already established historical business and budget bases, now it is time to create a marketing strategy that adapts to achieving the objectives.

metodologia mha medicion


KPIs are defined for weekly monitoring of results and with them to establish optimization actions.

Consultor de negocios

No somos una agencia, somos consultores

Como consultores de negocios digitales, somos profesionales que ofrecemos asesoramiento y soluciones a tu empresa para ayudarla a mejorar su presencia, su rendimiento y su competitividad.

Un consultor de negocios digitales puede asesorarte para :

  • Aumentar su visibilidad y su reputación online.
  • Atraer y fidelizar a más clientes.
  • Generar más ventas y más ingresos.
  • Optimizar sus procesos y sus costes.
  • Innovar y diferenciarse de la competencia.
  • Adaptarse a los cambios y a las tendencias del mercado.


Moy is an expert in digital marketing. I have seen firsthand how he has made companies grow exponentially from the bottom up. He has a great understanding of the digital world, as well as people's behaviors and the way in which a product or service should be advertised depending on the line of business, the business model, the desired audience, among other factors.

Sara Sacal – CEO Oni

Since I met him, I realized that he had a mind and ideas like few people, he has enormous capacity, he always seeks to innovate... but above all he is someone honest, he supports without wanting to receive anything in return and he really wants to want to contribute something to him. to this world.

Santiago Margalef – CEO Naw

Moises, thank you for your incredible effort and professionalism over the past few months. Your guidance and advice proved very valuable to our branding and marketing efforts in the AI ​​community. I look forward to our continued success!

Shaun Moore – CEO Trueface.Ai

Moises is not just a marketing strategist, he is a marketing master. He helped us understand our company direction, learn more about our customers, and plan out exactly what steps to take to target them.

Ryan Lupberger – CEO Cleancult

What amazes us about Moisés is that from the beginning he personally is the one who has been involved in operating the different digital marketing tools, this allows him to know how they work from the UX part, thus having a strategic and functional vision of the world of marketing. digital, thanks to your consultancies we have saved ourselves an immense learning curve that would have taken us years to develop

Juan Pablo Morales – CEO Havoc

These are items we use to build a brand and start your online presence.

We are allied with the best companies and platforms to give you a better service experience.

“We all need a second pair of eyes”

Improve your digital marketing strategy and grow your business online.

You need a second set of eyes to guide you and help you make the best decisions based on numbers.

At MHA Consulting we are experts in business consulting and digital marketing.