MHA in the media

As a digital marketing consultant, our mission is to positively impact all the companies with which we collaborate. This goal has kept us in the public eye and has given us the opportunity to share our successful methodology.

We share with you some of the articles in which MHA has appeared so that you can evaluate for yourself our reach and relevance in today's and tomorrow's digital businesses.

MHA in The Economist

In this note, the newspaper talks about the importance of knowing the real cost of your product or service in order to have a profitable online business.

The article explains that it is not enough to know how many users visit your portal, but that you must analyze other factors such as the cost of the package, bank commissions, marketing expenses and the cost per customer acquisition . These concepts are part of unit economics , which is a tool that helps you calculate the profit of your business before paying fixed costs.

The article interviews Moisés Hamui Abadi, CEO of MHA Consulting, and he says that knowing the numbers allows you to boost the growth of the business and identify if it is profitable and with how much margin it is operating.

Read the full note here : Do you know how much you sell?: Knowing the real cost of your product allows you to have a profitable company

MHA at Global IT

Global IT is a news and opinion portal on technology, entrepreneurship and digital business. Its objective is to inform, educate and entertain readers with quality and current content.

The published article is called "Does Artificial Intelligence generate added value to Digital Business?" and is written by Moisés Hamui Abadi, the CEO of MHA Consulting.

The article explains how artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key factor for the success of digital businesses, since it allows them to improve decision making, optimize processes, offer personalized experiences and discover hidden patterns in data.

Moisés also mentions some examples of companies using AI to achieve these benefits, such as IBM, Coca-Cola and Netflix. The article concludes by highlighting the importance of adequately investing in human resources, technology and training to successfully implement AI in digital businesses, as well as establishing an ethical and legal framework to regulate its use and guarantee privacy and data security.

Read the full note here : Does Artificial Intelligence generate added value to Digital Business?