How to design effective email marketing?

Are you preparing your email marketing campaigns ? So, so that you start off on the right foot, I share the appropriate structure to design your emails effectively.

subject email marketing

The subject line is as important as the objective of the email itself , due to the fact that it is the first contact with the user. You may have the best product, service or offer, but if the message does not arouse enough interest to open the email, then your entire email marketing campaign is destined to fail.

So that this does not happen to you, I share some tips that can help you:

be clear and concise

If your objective is sales, leads or brand positioning, then be concise and direct with the information. You have approximately 3 to 5 seconds for the user to fully understand the offer in your email.

Personalize the subject

According to statistics, by customizing the subject line and speaking colloquially to the user, you are around 60% more likely to open your email.

The most important information goes to the beginning

Strategically structure your message: if they are sales, then the discounts and/or promotions come first, but if the idea is to promote content, then the (attractive) title comes first, and so on.

Use the correct characters

Most users check emails from their mobile device, so it is essential to maintain a correct length so that the message is not cut off or , in the worst case, alters the objective. For this reason, it is recommended that the subject be less than 50 characters to remain readable.

Avoid spam words

Another obstacle that you have to face are antispam filters, because thanks to them, a significant percentage of your emails will not reach their destination. But how are antispam filters activated? Using words like “free”, “special offer”, “free download”, “buy now” and other similar ones, are the cause of the filters classifying your emails as spam. At this point, creativity will be your best ally to write a totally strategic and original matter.

Customize the sender's name

How many times have you received emails with a “no-reply” sender and how many of them have generated great distrust in you due to this detail. If you want the user to really take you into account as a brand, personalize your email; remember that users want to feel like they are talking to people and not some unknown entity.

Another resources

The emojis , symbols and numbers are excellent elements to fill the subject of your email with originality. Of course, when and how to use them will depend on the type of target you are addressing, as well as the communication style you manage as a brand.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing body

The body of the email is the main base of your email, since it exposes all the benefits, benefits and virtues of your products or services . In addition, it gives you the opportunity to stand out as a brand if you know how to properly handle branding and, most important of all, generate the long-awaited conversions.

To obtain the best results, "balance" will be the key to building the body of your email in a strategic, clear and, above all, attractive way. For this reason, I share the following recommendations:


The logo, font and colors of your brand must be fully visible so that the user can identify you at all times. This will allow you to create a good reputation with the consumer, which will differentiate you from the rest of the competition and will make them adopt your brand for a long time. If you feel that your branding is not strong enough, it is time to work on it.


At this point you have to perfectly capture the commercial objective of your campaign, of course, without losing sight of the communication style of your brand. The information must be direct and concise; it is advisable not to exceed 300 characters, although new trends tell us that 150 is more than enough.

Other advice that I can give you is to write in the present tense, talk about yourself to the consumer and maintain impeccable grammar.


They are perfect to complement the text and to optimize the commercial objective, but to achieve this, the images have to tell a story on their own, whether it is highlighting the benefits of a product, moving the viewer or empathizing with it. The ideal is to have images with a very good resolution, optimize their weight so that the user can open the email in a couple of seconds, and aesthetically adapt them to the dimensions of the email. Finally, I recommend using a maximum of 3 images.

email marketing footer

This is another section that you can take advantage of to stay in communication with the user and tell them more about your product, brand or service.

The idea is that you take advantage of all the resources to continue captivating the consumer and keep them for a long time. Don't know what information to put in your footer? Here I give you some recommendations:

Contact information

At this point you must include all possible means of communication so that the user can contact you easily, be it your phone number, social networks, or your website. In this way the user will have more confidence in you.


It is a perfect space to keep legal information visible. You can include the terms and conditions of a promotion, privacy policies, etc.


Offer the user the opportunity to subscribe to your website and once they do, thank them for doing so and let them know that they will be constantly receiving information about your brand.


Of course, no one wants to lose a subscriber, but part of the game is knowing how to let them go. For this reason, adding an unsubscribe link must be visible and accessible enough for the user.

With this action, you will continue to earn points with the user, since they will continue to perceive you as a safe, reliable brand that is aware of their needs.

email marketing design

Apply these tips, I assure you that they will improve the quality of your emails and you will get better results. If you need more information or require advice, at MHA you will find the solution .

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