How to run a successful digital marketing campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is a fundamental element within a promotion and sales strategy, since it has the purpose of impacting different channels, with a message to a specific audience , thus generating an action that contributes to the objectives previously stipulated by the company. company.

Right away you will learn more in detail what an efficient digital marketing campaign is, how to achieve one, and some examples.

What is an efficient digital marketing campaign?

A good digital marketing campaign must ensure that companies meet the objective of selling more and to the correct audience , that they are remembered and that they achieve some recognition in the market. Likewise, it must promote a focused effort that guides consumers toward a desired action.

How is this achieved? Through messages that give brands personality, identity and emotion.

How to know if a digital marketing campaign is efficient?

It depends a lot on the objective of the campaign. There are different metrics that can determine success, for example:

Promote a new product or service: measures sales, add-ons, and pre-orders.

Announce an event: check mentions on social networks and reservations from suppliers or entertainment.

Generate income: the important thing is leads, sales and additional sales with strategies such as Up-Sell and Cross-Sell.

Drive User Engagement: Check email interactions , social shares, and blogs.

Increase brand awareness: press mentions, social media mentions and sentiment analysis. This is where Net Promoter Score strategies come in.

Collect customer comments or content: engagement and mentions on social networks.

When determining how you will measure your campaign, consider establishing a few checkpoints along the way, and make corrections as soon as possible. No campaign is kept immaculate from start to finish, it's always measure, measure, measure and optimize.

Fundamental requirements of effective digital marketing

  1. Objectives . For a digital marketing campaign to be competent and valuable, you must first be clear about the objectives to be achieved. These can aim to generate sales, obtain contacts, brand positioning, image strengthening, among others.
  2. KPIs . Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to see how they can be quantified and how the result will be measured . In this way you can have control and make improvements.
  3. channels . It is important to identify where the content and messages will be distributed. The most relevant channels of the audience to which the message will be directed must be prioritized.
  4. Budget . Agency, advertising and freelance costs are considered here, if any.
  5. Content formats . Determine what type of content you will create and how you will present it. You can include video ads, press releases, blogs, etc.
  6. team . Take into account who will be in charge of each campaign action. For example: who will do the design, copywriting, website creation, etc.
  7. design . A digital marketing campaign must have a design that attracts attention. Make sure yours is appropriate to the purpose of the campaign.

How is a successful digital marketing campaign carried out? 


In this first stage, you can determine how to measure success and how you will lead the team and campaign when something doesn't go as planned. To get started, you can answer the following questions: What is the purpose and objective of the campaign? How will you measure the campaign? Who are you targeting?


The second step is to look at everything related to what the audience will see and when. Here you should already be clear about how to reach your audience, how and when you will publish. 

convert customers

This stage is about how your campaign can drive strangers to leads and ultimately customers. Guide yourself by answering: how to drive your marketing campaign to the desired action and what metrics you can monitor.


Measuring and analyzing your digital marketing campaign data can provide you with unique insights about your audience, marketing channels, and budget. You can also learn how (or not) to run your next campaign.

3 examples of successful digital campaigns  

Dove "Real Beauty"

Her main message is: beauty is for everyone. With this campaign, Dove invites all women to discover their beauty potential, saying that beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety.

His actions, from 2004 to the present, have been to present real women in his ads, not models; and portray women as they are, without manipulated images.

The campaigns work because they listened to the audience, they did research on real beauty and from this they planned everything.

"Make Them Read" by Gandhi

Recognized as one of the best marketing campaigns of 2011, this addressed one of the main problems in Mexico: the lack of reading. And he did it by developing funny phrases with double meanings that invited people to read.

The phrases were placed on billboards at different strategic points in Mexico City. Currently, the campaign is still active and has more than 500 phrases related to political, cultural and social trends.

Gillette's "The Best Man I Could Be"

The brand of facial cleansing products and shavers created an advertisement that quickly went viral on social networks. It was one of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019 and its narrative was to denounce toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes, even going against some values ​​that the brand used long ago.

It worked for the campaign to generate values ​​of gender equality and tolerance, which it did not promote before.

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