Email marketing: 6 tips to optimize your results

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools to create solid and lasting business relationships with the consumer, thanks to the fact that it continues to be a direct communication channel. But to improve the results, it is necessary to adapt your emails to the current trends of the digital market.

For this reason, I share 6 tips to optimize the results of your emails.

Email marketing: 6 tips to optimize your results

Strategic and minimalist designs

Currently, users receive dozens of emails per day, but few manage to have a positive impact on the consumer and this is due to a simple reason: design.

Emails with saturated elements, low-quality images, poorly used branding and poorly understandable communication are the causes of your business objectives not being achieved. My recommendation is to use minimalist designs.

Well says the phrase "less is more" which translates into offering true quality content. Simple and clean designs convey greater confidence and help the message or business objective to reach the user effectively. Another important benefit offered by minimalist designs is that, by having few elements, you will be able to optimize the loading time of your emails.

For you to build a strategic and minimalist email, I recommend the following:


It is very important that the logo and colors of your brand are visible enough for the consumer to identify you in a matter of seconds .

You may think that it is the most logical thing in the world, but I have seen this problem numerous times, especially in small and medium-sized companies.  By not having a well-defined and provided brand identity within your email , you run the risk of being confused with the competition.


To attract the attention of customers, there is nothing better than using high-quality images that convey emotions. Images are more effective than long texts. A potential customer won't have to invest too much time to understand the concept. Remember to use only the necessary ones.

Set a clear goal

By eliminating the saturation of information in your emails, you will be able to build a clear and concise message. A specific promotion or discount should capture about 80% of the gist of the email.

call to action

The recommended thing for each email is that it have a maximum of 3 CTAs, but if you can simplify it into just one, you will make life easier for your consumer. Like your brand logo, it must be visible from the start.

Personalize your emails

According to statistics, a personalized and well-targeted email can generate around a 60% conversion rate compared to generic emails that you send to your entire database.

But by personalized emails, I don't mean just placing the user's name in the email, but drawing up a whole line of communication based on the profile of your ideal client or buyer persona .

To achieve effective communication, you must think from the subject on how to solve a need, then increase the degree of interest by offering an attractive offer or promotion that encourages opening the email.

Of course, you also need to take into account what stage of the conversion funnel your potential customer is in and what their buying behavior is to develop the right message. 

Personalize your emails

Avoid spam words

Today, email providers have antispam filters that automatically detect words with a commercial background. For example, words like “special promotion”, “best price”, “free”, “limited offer”, etc. For this reason it is very important to be careful how these types of words are used, since the success or failure of your email marketing campaign will depend on it.

Data-driven email marketing

Data analysis will allow us to make email marketing truly based on the profile of your ideal client and at the same time make more attractive and personalized creatives that generate a high impact on the consumer. As a recommendation, do a/b testing trying different themes, layouts and styles until you find the one that performs the best.


The automation of email marketing consists of sending a series of emails with content related to the topic for which the user has shown interest. Of course, it will depend on the data you previously obtained about their digital behavior.

Fortunately, new technologies are relying on artificial intelligence to speed up this process, so having a shipping platform that is at the forefront will be your best ally.

Adapt your emails for mobile

According to statistics, more than 50% of emails are opened from mobile phones and this trend is on the rise. Therefore, it is important that your emails are adapted to this version, so that your email marketing efforts fulfill their mission. As a piece of advice, before sending an email , test it on different devices until you check that the display is correct.

Adapt your emails for mobile

Apply these recommendations, I assure you that with these changes you will make your emails have a better impact. If you want more information on this topic, at MHA you will find the solution you need.

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