Brand identity: What is it and what is its importance in a company?

Brand identity is one of the crucial elements to have a solid brand with which the public can differentiate you from your competitors.

Next we explore this concept further, as well as the elements that make it up, benefits and what the difference is between identity and brand image.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is those traits that define your company's mission in an easy way. It covers visual terms, experiences and principles. It can be said that brand identity is built from the company's values, messages and how it communicates its concepts and the emotions it seeks to evoke in its customers .

Its main objective is to create a difference factor with the competition and position itself in the public imagination.

Why is brand identity important?

Your brand identity is the personality of your company and a promise to your consumers.

When developed well, identity can influence customer loyalty to the company and the relationship between customers and the company. It also impacts internal and external representation, brand trust and consistency, as well as acquiring new customers (while taking care of existing ones) and differentiating among competitors.

Benefits of having a brand identity

  • It lets consumers know that you understand who they are and that you have something in common with them.
  • Segment your market and attract consumers who are willing to pay your prices.
  • Generate brand consistency.
  • A trusted brand identity becomes a valuable asset and self-marketing tool for a business.

Difference between brand identity and brand image

Brand identity, as we mentioned previously, are the elements that are part of the brand, which differentiate it from the competition and help consumers identify it.

While the brand image is the perception that the public or consumers have about what the firm projects. It is based on the feelings and emotions that the company provokes in consumers.

Brand identity elements

The aspects that shape the brand identity must be in tune with the values ​​and experience that the company wants to transmit to its audience. Some of these elements are:

  •       Brand name
  •       Voice tone
  •       Mission, vision and values
  •       Customer experience
  •       Logo
  •       Color palette
  •       Typography
  •       Images and photographs

How to create a brand identity?

Shape your brand personality

This is the part in which you will define how you are going to represent your brand to the world. To do this, you can write your brand story, specify the core values ​​and ensure that your brand is distinguished from your competitors by conducting market research.

Also, you must define your target market and decide which is the best audience for your brand.

Demonstrate your value by crafting a powerful voice and visual identity

Once you know your company in depth, it is time to make your brand come to life. Here you need to work with the visual assets: logo, color palette, typography, photography and brand name. Brand assets can also include a catchy slogan, packaging, and even music and sounds associated with your company.

Create a style guide

This tool will allow you to establish each of the elements of your brand's identity and will serve as a guide for everyone who interacts with it.

Additionally, it will help you ensure that everyone is on the same page when creating marketing materials, providing clear details and instructions. The guide allows you to make adjustments in the future, ensuring fidelity and consistency of brand identity.

Integrate it into your community

Once you have established the brand within your company and taken the necessary steps to develop it, you are ready to present it.

To do this, use language that reflects the personality of your brand, don't forget the connection and feelings, and design marketing materials that you can share with your audience, they can be traditional or digital.

It's never too late to make your business become a recognized brand. To achieve this, do not forget to have a well-formed brand identity, that is, the distinctive voice and visual aspect, with which you communicate your mission to the world.

If you want to know more about this topic or require advice, at MHA you will find the solution , because our commitment is to guide you in the best way in this extremely competitive digital era.

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