Linkbuilding: Importance and how to create an effective strategy

If you think that building a website and creating good content is enough to rank it in Google search, you are missing out on something very important: link building.

Link building, or link building, is a way to get your brand out there on the web , both by exposing your brand to a broader audience and by spreading your content among search engine bots.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about the benefits of link building, or link building, and how it can help you generate organic traffic to your website, improve website authority and SEO.

What is link building?

Linkbuilding is the construction of links from other web pages, forums or directories, which lead to your website.

Building these links are very important for search engine optimization (SEO) . This is one of the main factors search engines use to determine ranking, i.e. getting search results on the first page.

Link building: why is it important?

There are plenty of data-backed studies showing how backlinks have a strong correlation with ranking. These links are one of the main factors in ranking in search engines, so acquiring them is vital to the success of your SEO strategy .

The importance of these links is so great that Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, created PageRank to measure the quality of a page based on the number of backlinks.

Another important fact to note is that the pages that are ranked number 1 in Google search results have an average of 4 backlinks than the pages that are ranked number 2 to 10. And this is because when deciding how to rank a site web, Google and other search engines look at how many links point to your site and the quality of those links.

The more high-quality, trustworthy, and authoritative sites that link to your website, the better your posts and pages will rank in search results. Also, these links will help your users find you and increase traffic and trust in your site.

How to create an effective Linkbuilding strategy?

As we explained earlier, Google focuses on quality links to ensure that valuable content ranks higher than quantity. But what are effective link building strategies? Next we will develop them in the following points:

Know your audience well

If you're looking to drive more people to your website, you need to keep two things in mind: who your audience is and what your ideal audience would look like. This will help you maintain and expand your reach and reach new ones who are interested in what you offer.

Researching more about your customers or readers will not only help you understand them better, but it will also help you determine what content to create and how you might reach your ideal audience. In the same way, this will reinforce the following points that we will develop.

Make a list of sites that attract your audience

When you know who your desired audience is, it's time to make a list of websites that can help you reach them. Look for websites that already appeal to this audience, as links from these websites can help you reach people who might be interested in you but don't know you yet.

At this point it is important to mention that not all the sites that refer to your website are good, you must be careful that they are not fraudulent sites or a website that has nothing to do with your niche. In some cases, it can even backfire and hurt your ranking. Avoid spam websites, paying for links.

Remember that link building should be a natural way and be seen as an important effort in your marketing strategy.

write good content

In order for other websites to link to your content, you need to have content that actually makes them want to link to your page. This means that you need to create quality content.

For example, if you sell products or services, don't just write why it's so awesome and that they should definitely buy it. Create content that answers a question your audience has or solves a problem for them.

Provide them with the information they are looking for, this will not only build trust but will also get you more links to your page as other websites will see the value of your content.

Match your content with other websites

When you have enough quality content, you can dive into the list of websites you created in the second step. Which websites will be most likely to link to the content you've created?

Choose wisely and make an effort to find those websites that fit the specific topic of your blog post or page.

These websites will likely be more willing to link to as your blog post matches their content. More importantly, the visitors who will land on your website by following that link will be genuinely interested in your content.

Create links with other sites

After deciding which website you'd like your content to be associated with, it's time to contact them.

A first approach might be through email , but social networks like Twitter are also a great way to contact people. To increase your chances of getting that backlink, you need to know the website and the audience you are targeting. This helps you come up with in a personal way, what you want to do.

Avoid sending automated emails or direct messages, it is better to send them a pleasant email where you tell more details about your content and where you express your intention to create links through their content. To improve your chances of getting a link to your page, explain why your content is unique.

Use social networks

Reaching out to specific people or websites is one way to get links to your content. A great way to get links and reach new audiences at the same time is through social media.

Be sure to share your new content via social platforms like Twitter, even send a few tweets to specific people who might like your article. On the other hand, Facebook is also a great way to get exposure for your articles, it also gives you the option to promote your content and reach new people. When people like, share and talk about your content on social media, you will surely receive more links as well.


Although the importance of backlinks for SEO is a topic that has gained relevance in recent years, Google has confirmed that backlinks continue to be one of the main ranking factors in its search engine, and that is why they will continue to be a factor. important thing to take into account.

There are many strategies to get backlinks; however, it is recommended that you look at the different ways you could integrate more link building into your marketing efforts and SEO strategy.

Maybe you just need to contact a few partners or friends for a link exchange or submit a guest post to an online trade publication.

Remember that with backlinks you strengthen your site and you will be able to shoot your content in the first positions.

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