Live Shopping: What is it, advantages and how to do it?

Live Shopping is a trend that brands and businesses use to promote and sell their products or services through live broadcasts on digital platforms .

It is part of a not-so-new method of e-commerce , which became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), Live Shopping has its origins in the incursion of what was then called Live Commerce (a term that is still used by a large part of the digital commercial sectors today) in 2016.

At that time, Taobao Live was the precursor to Live Shopping, as it was an e-commerce store that allowed users to simultaneously view and purchase items.

Thanks to this model implemented by Taobao Live and boosted by the health situation of 2020, the consumer trend called “see now, buy now” was established, which was adopted by several brands and businesses incorporated into e-commerce.

How does Live Shopping work?

Live Shopping has intuitive mechanics that are easy for users to understand. This type of e-commerce works as a real-time transmission and audiovisual format, with the possibility of transacting live. Likewise, Live Shopping provides the differential ease of being part of an event and having a conversational experience.

Advantages of Live Shopping for your e-commerce

Any trend that is novel or presents relevant content for customers will always generate a positive impact and give an advantage over the competition.

In this case, Live Shopping meets these expectations and with the ability to generate new interests in customers. Next, we will mention the main benefits and advantages that Live Shopping has for your e-commerce:

  • Make purchases easier: sales can be maximized with the help of a public figure or influencer .
  • There is a larger audience: the services or products offered can reach more people regardless of their geographical location.
  • Generates brand loyalty: this is a long-term advantage, since the more sales are made, the value of the brand and customer loyalty towards it will increase.
  • Improves the customer experience: it is a much more dynamic e-commerce model where the customer can compare, contrast and chat about the product in real time.
  • It is multi-device: now it is much easier to access Live Shopping through mobile devices.
  • There is direct communication: if there are doubts in this regard, the client can request that their needs be attended to in real time, which creates two-way conversation channels.

Live Shopping is a trend that is growing, so it is important that brands know how to use it appropriately. Offering new experiences to customers is essential to denote a fresh and updated image of the brand.

Companies that have practiced Live Shopping

Companies and brands that have opted for Live Shopping have shown that there is an advantage in the experience given to the customer compared to traditional e-commerce. Next, we will mention some companies that use Live Shopping:


Amazon was one of the first companies to incorporate this e-commerce model into its commercial structure. Although the purchase of products is currently available in a few countries, it is possible to enter to see the interface that Amazon Live offers its customers.


One of the most popular e-commerce platforms of the moment created by Alibaba Group (who also created Taobao Live) has experience in Live Shopping and how to operate correctly.

Like Amazon Live, the interaction to purchase products is restricted to some countries, however, it is possible to access the AliExpress Live site to learn about the interface and mode of operation of this Live Shopping.

Tommy Hilfiger

The American multinational company began to venture into Live Shopping in the spring of 2021. According to data collected from that event, the total audience was 14 million people.

And to realize the potential that this type of e-commerce has, during the first 2 minutes of the presentation, a sale of 1,300 branded garments was recorded.

Where to carry out a Live Shopping

You don't have to be a consolidated brand to be able to belong to the Live Shopping trend. It is true that there are brands (like Amazon) that have the capital to create a special website for Live Shopping, however, there are other alternatives that have benefited thousands of emerging businesses and brands or entrepreneurs to sell their services and products.

Social networks and platforms have always remained at the forefront, so there is already the option for brands and businesses to promote and sell their products through their channels.

Media such as Instagram, TikTok, and even Twitch have been a fundamental part of the development and expansion of different brands. In this type of social platforms it is possible to create a Live Shopping that, although the performance is not the same as the Live Shopping on a brand's website, a considerable part of the audience that is willing to purchase products and services always prevails.

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