Why have several payment methods on your website

Having different payment methods on your website is essential nowadays. Customer comfort is vital in any business, so offering different options for payments will make them feel confident and secure when making their purchases.

On many occasions, we ignore the importance of offering various payment methods in an online store, which is fatal for business growth. Offering other options allows customers to select the method that best suits their needs, so the sales process is enhanced.

different types of payments

What do statistics say about payment methods?

According to studies, variety in payment methods is important for all consumers. It is estimated that more than 65% of Internet users have made online purchases in the last quarter, and 97% of them have selected online payment methods.

These, for their part, vary between debit or credit cards, electronic wallets and banking operations.

Specifically, 48% of consumers choose offline payments, that is, they pay for their purchase in the stores of their choice or make payments with direct delivery.

Why should you include multiple payment methods?

We are facing demanding consumers with extensive experience in online shopping, so streamlining processes is necessary for both the company and the consumer. There is a demand for flexible and varied payment alternatives that make it easier for users to carry out their transactions as they prefer.

This is how the need to implement simultaneous methods that offer ease of payment, user comfort and tools that increase conversions grows.

simultaneous payment methods

Another reason to offer several payment methods on your website

Studies show that when a consumer tries to make their payment online and for some reason it does not go through, 49% of them select another method but 27% end up abandoning the purchase.

Faced with this unfavorable experience, customers tend to get the wrong idea about the store; they find it a cumbersome method without options to facilitate the process. And the thing is, 65% of banking entities approve the operations but the other 35% are rejected because they are unusual transactions .

Offering variety to potential customers gives them the opportunity to choose the most convenient one for them, thus increasing sales.

Choose a variety of payment methods for your website

Choosing which payment methods to offer customers is necessary, since it is a factor that directly influences purchases. In this sense, payment methods that provide advantages for the business must be analyzed:

  • Commission
  • Flexibility
  • Setting
  • Accessibility and management

Now, you should not only think about what is best for your pocket, it is also important to think about the convenience of the client. Depending on the payment methods you offer, the consumer determines whether to make the purchase or abandon the process.

For its part, the client focuses mainly on:

  • Security.
  • Use is simple.
  • Little time to manage it.

Once you know the benefits of each payment method, it is time to choose the right one. Although you do not necessarily have to choose a single method since, by offering freedom you ensure that one of the methods interests the consumer.

Therefore, you must have the ability to adapt to the customer's comfort and thus counteract the amount of unrealized sales . What is intended to prevent is that the customer adds a product to their cart and when making payment feels insecure, uncomfortable and ends up abandoning the process. Offering different options allows the client to find the method that suits them best.

Now, if the payment method represents an extra cost for the business due to payment gateway commissions, the most convenient methods can be promoted.

How to do it? It is very simple. To make the customer interested in the most convenient payment method for the company, promotions, offers or discounts associated with that payment can be launched. Everyone wins!

Considering customer preferences and business convenience, you can select various payment methods for your website, for example:

  • Credit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Bank transactions.
  • Offline payments.
  • Payment in fortnights without card.
convenient payment methods for the customer

The digital age and payment methods on the web

Customers also adapt to technological innovations, especially if it involves using mobile phones, which is why payments by cards or electronic devices are increasingly common.

So, to please customers it is necessary to adapt the website to the current situation. Therefore, a variety of payment methods must be available, so that it is the customer who decides how they want to pay.

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