Analytics Audit

Do you know if the data you collect from your website is reliable, relevant and complies with privacy regulations?

A Web Analytics Audit is a process that allows you to review your web analytics strategy and the data you collect on your website.

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Benefits of doing a web analytics audit

A web analytics audit is a way to evaluate and improve your web analytics strategy and the data you collect on your website. Some of the benefits of doing a web analytics audit are:

Make sure you are collecting the correct data . A web analytics audit allows you to identify which metrics are most relevant to your business and your website, and how to set up appropriate tracking and reporting.

Detect and correct tracking errors and anomalies in your reports . A web analytics audit helps you find and fix technical issues that may affect data quality and accuracy, such as duplicate tags, incorrect filters, unrecorded events, etc.

Collect data securely and in accordance with current privacy regulations . A web analytics audit allows you to review whether you are complying with data protection laws and regulations, such as the GDPR or LOPD, and whether you are informing and obtaining consent from your users to collect and use their data.

Make better business decisions based on data . A web analytics audit makes it easier for you to analyze the data collected, looking for patterns, trends, opportunities and problems that allow you to optimize your website and your digital marketing strategy.

Improve user experience and conversions . A web analytics audit provides you with valuable information about the behavior, preferences and needs of your users, allowing you to offer them content, design and usability that is more appropriate to their expectations and objectives, and thus increase their satisfaction and loyalty. .

What a web analytics audit checks

A web analytics audit reviews the following aspects:

The definition of objectives and KPIs . It is important that you know what you want to measure and how you are going to evaluate the success of your website.

The implementation of the analytical tool or tools . You need to make sure that the tool or tools you use are well configured, tracking the right metrics, and generating the reports you need.

The creation of the dashboard or personalized control panel . You must have a way to visualize the data most relevant to your business and your website, and that allows you to easily detect opportunities and problems.

The analysis of the data obtained . You must interpret the data you collect, looking for patterns, trends, anomalies and correlations that help you understand the behavior and needs of your users.

The execution of the conclusions of the analysis . You must apply the necessary changes to your website, based on the data and recommendations you obtain from the audit.

In addition to these aspects, a web analytics audit also reviews the security and privacy of the data you collect, to ensure that you comply with current regulations and that you protect your users' information.

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Benefits of auditing your web analytics with MHA

MHA is a digital marketing consultancy and agency that helps you grow your business online using the best practices of digital advertising.

Some of the benefits we offer you when auditing your web analytics are:

+ We help you define your objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure the success of your digital strategy.

+ We create a personalized dashboard that allows you to view and understand the most relevant data on your website, such as traffic, conversions, return on investment, customer value, etc.

+ We advise you to make better decisions based on data, identifying opportunities for improvement, corrective actions and the most effective strategies to achieve your goals.

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