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At MHA Consulting we offer you a comprehensive solution to design, structure and put your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to work in the most effective channels for your business, like a Google Ads agency, but better.


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PPC is a form of online advertising that allows you to show your ads to people who are looking for what you offer , and only pay when they click on them. It's a fast and cost-effective way to generate traffic, leads, and sales for your website.

But it is not enough to create an account and launch some ads. To be successful with PPC you need a well-defined strategy, an adequate budget, precise segmentation, constant monitoring and continuous optimization.

And that is what we offer you at MHA Consulting. We are a digital business consultancy and agency with more than 4 years of experience, more than 70 satisfied clients, more than 1,500 million pesos generated and presence in 10 countries.

Our method in Payment Campaigns

Our method is based on 6 steps:

  • Analysis of your business : We know your product or service, your market, your competition and your goals.
  • Definition of your budget : We help you determine how much to invest in PPC according to your objectives and your financial capacity.
  • Definition of your channels and campaigns : We recommend the most suitable platforms for your business, be it Google Ads , Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or a combination of them.
  • Acquisition of your users: We create and launch your ads with persuasive messages, attractive images and clear calls to action.
  • Optimizing your results : We monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns, identify areas for improvement and apply the necessary changes.
  • Measurement of your KPIs : We deliver periodic reports with the key indicators of your business, such as return on investment (ROI), cost per acquisition (CPA), customer life cycle value (CLV) and others.


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Benefits of Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two of the most popular and powerful online advertising platforms in the world. Both offer you the possibility of reaching millions of users who are interested in what you offer, and of obtaining measurable and profitable results for your business.

But what are the specific benefits of each? Here we explain them to you:

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Massive Reach : Google is the most used search engine in the world, with more than 3.5 billion searches per day. With Google Ads you can show your ads on the search network, display network, YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites.
  • Search intent : With Google Ads, you can capture users who are actively searching for what you offer, and show them relevant and personalized ads based on their keywords, their location, their device and other factors.
  • Budget control: You can set the budget you want for your campaigns, and adjust it according to the results. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, allowing you to optimize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Advanced segmentation : Segment your audience by different criteria, such as age, gender, interests, behavior, remarketing lists, and others. So you can focus your ads on the people most likely to convert.
  • Measurement and optimization : Measure the performance of your campaigns in real time, and access detailed data and reports on impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click (CPC), quality score and other indicators. So you can identify areas for improvement and apply the necessary changes to improve your results.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • Huge Audience : Facebook is the world's largest social network, with more than 2.8 billion monthly active users. With Facebook Ads you can show your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network and other partner sites.
  • Social engagement : With Facebook Ads you can take advantage of the power of word of mouth and virality, since your ads can generate likes, comments, shares and recommendations among users. So you can increase your reach, your reputation and your loyalty.
  • Visual creativity : Create attractive and eye-catching ads, using different formats such as images, videos, carousels, collections, stories and others. So you can capture the attention of your audience and convey your message effectively.
  • Precise targeting Segment your audience by different criteria, such as demographics, geography, interests, behavior, customer lists, and more. So you can focus your ads on the people most relevant to your business.
  • Experimentation and optimization : With Facebook Ads you can test different versions of your ads, using the A/B testing tool. So you can compare the performance of each one and choose the one that works best. In addition, you can use the Facebook pixel to measure the actions users take on your website after seeing your ads, and optimize your campaigns according to your goals.


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