Remarketing campaigns

Did you know that 97% of website visitors take no action on their first visit?

This means that most users who come to your website leave without purchasing, registering, contacting, or doing what you want them to do.

How can you win back those users and convince them to come back and complete the desired action? The answer is: with remarketing campaigns.

At MHA Consulting we create successful personalized remarketing campaigns, with which you can obtain the best results for your business.

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What are remarketing campaigns?

Remarketing campaigns are those that allow you to segment and show your ads only to those users who have already visited your website or have consumed some content from your brand.

This way, you can hit them again with more relevant and persuasive messages, tailored to their level of interest and their stage in the conversion funnel.

For example, if you sell online courses, you can create a remarketing campaign to show ads with testimonials, discounts, or guarantees to users who have viewed a course page, but have not purchased it. This way, you give them a reason to come back and complete the purchase.

Remarketing campaigns can be carried out on different platforms and channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, email, etc.

Each platform has its own features and advantages, but they all share the same principle: identify users who have interacted with your brand and show them personalized ads.

What benefits do remarketing campaigns have?

Remarketing campaigns have multiple benefits for your business, including:

They increase return on investment (ROI) : remarketing campaigns allow you to make the most of the traffic you have already generated on your website or content, and convert them into customers. Thus, you reduce the acquisition cost and maximize profits.

They improve conversion : remarketing campaigns help you impact users at the right time, with the right message and with the right incentive. Thus, you increase the chances that they will carry out the action you want, whether it is buying, registering, contacting, etc.

They reinforce the brand : remarketing campaigns allow you to maintain contact with users who have already shown interest in your brand, and remind them of the benefits and advantages of your offer. Thus, you generate trust, credibility and loyalty.


By contracting the Google Ads service with MHA, you will obtain the following benefits:

+ You will increase qualified traffic to your website or online store.

+ You will generate more leads, sales and potential clients for your business.

+ You will improve your positioning and visibility in the Google search engine.

+ You will save time and money by delegating the management of your campaigns to certified professionals.

+ You will receive a personalized, transparent and results-oriented service.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of this opportunity to boost your business with a Google Ads strategy.

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