Off Site Strategy

Off Site SEO is an essential part of any web positioning strategy, since it is responsible for improving the reputation, authority and popularity of a website on the Internet.

Off Site SEO is based on actions that are carried out outside the website itself, such as obtaining links, mentions on social networks, reviews, collaborations with other sites, etc.

These actions aim to increase the trust and relevance of a website in the eyes of search engines and users.

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What is Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO is the set of techniques that are applied to improve the positioning of a website in search results, without directly modifying the content or code of the page.

It focuses on external factors that influence the perception and evaluation of a website, such as the links it receives from other pages (backlinks), mentions on social networks, user reviews, collaborations with other websites, etc. .

These factors are known as off-page signals, and they are indicators of the quality, relevance and authority of a website.

Benefits of Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO has multiple benefits for the positioning and performance of a website, among which the following can be highlighted:

Improves the visibility and organic traffic of a website, by increasing its presence and ranking in search results.

Increases the authority and credibility of a website by receiving links and mentions from other trusted and prestigious pages.

Generate more business and conversion opportunities by attracting interested and qualified users from different channels and traffic sources.

It reinforces the brand image and online reputation of a website, by creating a community of followers, clients and ambassadors who recommend and spread it.

It favors the creation of relationships and strategic alliances with other websites, by establishing links of collaboration and mutual value.

Differences between Off site SEO and On Site SEO

Off Site SEO and On Site SEO are two complementary branches of SEO, which focus on different aspects of web positioning.

On Site SEO deals with optimizing the internal elements of a website, such as content, tags, images, loading speed, etc.

Off Site SEO deals with optimizing the external elements of a website, such as links, mentions, reviews, etc.

Both types of SEO are necessary and important to achieve good web positioning, since search engines take into account both on-page and off-page factors when evaluating and classifying a website.

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