How to prepare your e-commerce for the Good End 2022

El Buen Fin is an event that began in 2011 and whose purpose is to encourage commercial activity through promotions and discounts. During the 2021 edition , total sales reached $191,900 billion pesos and $31,731 million pesos in online sales. All this, during the 7 days that said campaign was active.

Mexico is among the top 5 countries with the greatest growth potential in the

electronic commerce, according to data from cited by NubeCommerce. The list is like this: India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina and Mexico.

Given the intensity of the economic impact and the greater online purchasing decision by consumers; It is essential for every company to have its digital store prepared, both in promotions and in structure and logistics.

Read the following points to be prepared for Buen Fin 2022.

UX and Checkout

It is no coincidence that it is put first. User experience is often the decisive factor in achieving a sale. You must ensure that the user journey is as simple and friendly as possible, reviewing CTAs, descriptions, that it can be viewed on any device, and that the colors and storytelling capture it.

Likewise, checkout is vital, since when a user has gotten there, they should not lose interest or have problems. For this, you can allow check out to be carried out without the need for registration, optimize the form as basic as possible, have several payment methods and ensure that the data provided is protected.

Multiple payment methods

Following official data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), in Buen Fin 2021, 153.7 million transactions were generated through card payment, representing 73% of the total sold.

Although it is a good number, in addition to ensuring that you have all card transactions under control, it also offers other payment methods, such as bank transfers, Paypal, Google Pay, etc.

When a user has problems with payment, many of them will not want to continue with the process, going with the competition that can alleviate this step.

Paid campaigns

Yes, Buen Fin is an important event that deserves its own paid campaigns to attract customers. Use Google Ads or Social Ads to boost your visibility during those days, however, as they are such competitive days, you must think carefully about the keywords to use, as well as the visual attractions, and, of course, the promotions or discounts to give to the client.

Remember that you must establish a clear budget and the marketing strategies to follow: what channels, what formats, what copies; as well as optimize along the way.

Define your buyer persona well and do not spend on too general advertising, reach out concretely and hard to those who will really buy from you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead, although some claim otherwise. In fact, its ROI is one of the largest and you should learn to use it to your advantage during the Buen Fin and, well, throughout the year.

If you have been able to capture emails, it is a perfect time to send proof of the promotions a few days before the event, as well as discount coupons that only they have access to.

Likewise, they can try to do remarketing by email, so the people who showed interest in your page can have that little push they need.

Remember to use best practices to increase the open and click rate of your emails:

  • Strategic and minimalist designs.
  • Place images.
  • Branding.
  • CTAs.
  • Personalize emails.

If you want to know in depth how to create an effective email, read the article E-mail marketing: 6 tips to optimize your results .

Cross-selling and upselling strategy

During the sales process, show the user more of your catalog, either by enhancing what they are about to buy or giving them recommendations for accessories. Remember:

Cross-selling: Refers to the recommendation of products or services that complement or improve the user experience. So, if you are selling shoes, you can suggest others of the same model, cream to clean them or some spare laces.

Upselling: Refers to the recommendation to improve the product or service you will purchase to a higher level or category. For example, you can encourage them to buy shoes with greater resistance or better quality leather.

Don't forget that recommendations can also be aimed at promoting your best products, even if they are not completely related to the product to be sold.

Affiliate Marketing

Well, this is a strategy that you can use throughout the year and that in specific periods can bring good benefits.

Affiliate marketing consists of using third parties to promote our products or services, of course, offering them a commission for each sale they promote.

Amazon, Ebay and many gigantic e-commerce have these affiliate programs and in the Good End season, they can increase your sales significantly.

Apply these recommendations, I assure you that with these changes you will make your emails have a better impact. If you want more information on this topic, at MHA you will find the solution you need.

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