Instafit with MHA

Instafit is a Mexican company founded by Oswaldo Trava. The business consists of a physical training program that differs from the gym and internet videos for its new and unique way of showing their routines. The routines are personalized to the needs of the body and the lifestyle accompanied by a nutritional plan that adapts to the objectives of the client and with a recipe book to be able to consult at all times.

MHA helped Instafit grow by developing the brand's e-commerce strategy and, specifically, boosting one of its protein products through different marketing channels.

With Instafit he started with the architecture of the website, knowing that it is an essential part of SEO and the user journey; thus the menu was carefully created.

Likewise, we sit down to review Instafit's competition and determine the value proposition for the user and define the purchase journey, implemented the best payment methods and effective landing pages for conversion.

All of the above, accompanied by an ads or campaign strategy in the main channels, Google, Facebook and more.

To give meaning and drive to all this, we contributed to generating an affiliate system with the brand, with which the message was multiplied to thousands of people with an acceptable ROI.

If you want a successful marketing strategy for your business, schedule a call and start selling more and better.

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