What is the 2022 Link Spam Update?

Google releases another update for its search engine and now it's time to battle the spam issue. Thus, the Link Spam Update came out in mid-December 2022. Let's see what it consists of.

What is Link Spam Update?

To be direct, this Google spam update aims to neutralize backlinks that are detected to have been purchased or created artificially (such as by placing them en masse in profile links or comment boxes).

When this update detects this situation, the link created incorrectly (practices known as blackhat) will no longer have any weight on the website to which it is directed, therefore, it will no longer add authority.

Over the years, Google has struggled with the issue of creating artificial links, since it has a difficult time with the possibility of entering link buying platforms. However, its algorithm is being perfected and it is up to the SEOs to keep an eye on this.

What to do about the Link Spam Update?

With this more aggressive measure and those that will come in the months, it will be necessary for link building experts to be more careful when buying links, for example:

  • Place links in a newspaper that has not been penalized.
  • Do not be published in a category with pure sponsored texts or with authors who only do this type of blog.
  • That the writing style is similar to that of the web.

Likewise, this update will be able to detect sites that sell links, so, if you have something similar, you should be more careful with this practice and thus avoid an automatic or manual penalty.

If you want to know Google's stance against spam, you can check it from its official site .

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