What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing or direct marketing is a type of sales strategy that seeks to have direct communication with your company's target audience . That is, once you get leads or your clients, it is possible to send direct messages that provide offers or information relevant to them.

Direct marketing specifically promotes and seeks a response from the user and to communicate with them, it can offer discounts when filling out a form, downloading the app or simply visiting a specific post.

Direct marketing is aimed at a segmented and specific audience.

We can say that among the objectives of direct marketing are:

Channels to execute direct marketing

Without a doubt, currently, the main channel to implement direct marketing is email. Although we can also take into account that some companies still use the traditional form of mail to send brochures or information in order to generate loyalty and attention to potential clients and already established clients.

Thus, we can name some of the channels to carry out this type of marketing:

Email marketing : As said, email marketing is a direct and quick way to show ads and offers; as well as presenting new products or improved versions. Care must be taken not to fall into spam when running these types of campaigns.

SMS Messages : It is common for cellular network companies to continue sending the reliable SMS. Here they put offers that can be irresistible for new potential customers or for customers who have been with a brand for years. Some companies use it because they know that their target is still in tune with this channel.

Social Ads : By having so much information about the interests and pains of their users, social networks tend to exploit it and thus create advertisements especially aimed at specific audiences. Any business can make use of these large databases and create content that speaks directly to their target audience.

Online Advertising : Under the same behavioral scheme as Social Ads; Placing advertising on search engines will give us the opportunity to reach customers with searches that we assign. If we know how to optimize campaigns well, it is possible to have a favorable ROI.

Telemarketing : It is the way in which telephone calls are named. This type of strategy entails a low conversion rate, since people have been moving away from sales calls; however, with good segmentation, conversion and loyalty are possible.

Advantages of direct marketing

Being a direct message to a specific type of customer, many benefits are obtained, such as:

  • The opening or completion rate of an action is higher, since the audience we focus on has already been validated and our content is specifically directed to them.
  • Budget costs are lower than those of massive campaigns. By segmenting, we can take care of what we spend.
  • Improves loyalty by making our customers feel that they are listened to and we give them content relevant to them.
  • If there are lost customers, when carrying out direct marketing campaigns, it is possible to recover them by offering discounts or attractive content.
  • It is possible to analyze the metrics and adapt our campaigns and content to what our clients or potential clients currently want.
  • We can have feedback through two-way channels and move in the right direction.

Tips for implementing direct marketing 

When we have the right database, it is possible to implement effective direct marketing. To be successful, we can follow the following suggestions:

  • Create messages that generate interest and give people something to talk about. Adapt to the tastes of your target audience.
  • Make your product or service generate curiosity.
  • Customize each channel and messages for each type of user: potential customers, new customers, customers, and lost customers.
  • Highlight the qualities of your product or service, but never lie. Use comparisons with the competition so that the public understands your unique value proposition.
  • Create simple messages and give them the opportunity to respond. Feedback is essential to grow.
  • Improve the user journey and create engaging CTAs.

But above all, focus your objective on the client, remember that you must be a solution and the goal is to establish a relationship of trust with users.

If you want to know more about this topic or require advice, at MHA you will find the solution , because our commitment is to guide you in the best way in this extremely competitive digital era.

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