What to expect and how to prepare for the Hot Sale 2022?

Are you ready to sell in Hot Sale? In this blog we share with you the expectations that Google and AMVO have about this event in 2022, who classify it as "a great opportunity, which estimates growth in E-commerce billing of +13.5%."

Additionally, we attach a checklist of actions that you should take into account to be ready for this sales season.

Expectation for Hot Sale 2022

In 2021, Hot Sale represented +4% of E-commerce revenue in the year, Google estimates that the growth in E-commerce billing for this year will be +13.5%, this metric is closely linked to the increase in awareness of the event, which has increased 5x from 2017 to 2022.

Hot Sale 2022


Relevant data from AMVO and Google

  • The audience most interested in buying during Hot Sale is 35 to 44 years old, the 25 to 34 age group turned out to be the largest buyer last year, however, the perceived interest for 2022 is 29% lower than the previous year.

  • On the other hand, users aged 45 to 54 could see 21% growth this year.

  • Men could be more interested, 57% of them would be considering making a purchase during this discount season.

  • The Central and Southeastern region of the country stands out from the national average in interest in participating in the campaign.

  • 9 out of 10 potential buyers will have interaction with a digital channel, prior to and during the purchase.

  • 86% of potential buyers will interact only with digital channels to decide and buy during Hot Sale, since 60% of users consider that they find better promotions and discounts on the Internet, 55% because they can compare prices and 49% for payment facilities.

  • The expense is expected to be greater than or equal to 2021, where more than 50% was allocated to clothing, footwear, electronics in general, cell phones and computers (according to Google).

Here are important data on the categories of greatest interest for 2022, as well as the preferred channels to make purchases in this period:

hot sale expectations
Hot sale 2022 expectations

What should you have ready for the Hot Sale? Previous checklist

  • Distribution of budgets by channel and campaign: In addition to having a general budget, you must take into account what budget you are going to allocate to each of your campaigns, considering the historical expense/cost and results of each one.

  • Mailing strategy: Consider that during this period all brands (including your competition) will be sending informative emails with promotions. It is important that you either optimize or integrate email flows , for example, if a user did not open your email the first time, continue trying different subjects and sending different emails every 2 or 3 days.

  • Announcements: Have your ads ready and scheduled prior to the event , this will save you a lot of programming and review time on the platforms, especially on Facebook.

  • Promotions: At this point you must be very clear about your purchase incentives. Additionally, we suggest you monitor your competition to find out the discounts they will offer.

  • Start observing big brands like Amazon: Amazon has had a Hot Sale 2022 landing page active for a few days, in which it has begun to communicate warm-up messages, you can take the reference to have your own landing page or to start communicating them on your social media.

  • Customize everything: Consider the content that will need to be on your site, cart recovery emails, welcome emails, coupons and social networks.
  • On your marks, ready: Don't forget to verify a day before that your entire site is working correctly, verify that the pixels are correctly registering the events, payment methods, correct connection with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook; your catalog in Merchant Center, stock, promotions, coupons, etc.
  • Take into account the metrics for your segmentations: Consider the metrics from official sources such as those we offered you in the first section on purchase expectations, in addition to the historical data of your customers, with them support yourself to formulate appropriate segmentations in your campaigns and perfect the ones that are working best for you today.

Remember that the success of this temporality lies in planning. In this Hot Sale the expectations are broad and whether or not you are among the companies that bill +13.5% this season will depend on the strategy you implement.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic or require some advice, at MHA you will find the best solutions , because my commitment is to guide you in the best way in this extremely competitive digital era.

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