Smart Shopping Vs Standard Shopping

Do you know the difference between Google Smart Shopping and Standard Shopping campaigns, in addition to the benefits that each one offers?

With the arrival of the digital era, electronic commerce and everything related to it, such as digital marketing , began to score points in terms of popularity.

In fact, today you can find endless tools that you can use to increase the reach of a business or venture. However, many of these tools require prior knowledge and that is why companies like Google took the trouble to simplify this task as much as possible.

Many managers, administrators, entrepreneurs and bosses ask the same question : What is better, Smart Shopping or Standard Shopping? This is why we want to dispel all doubts by providing you with all the information you need about these two types of campaigns.

Don't miss this article and discover all the relevant data about Smart shopping and the differences between this campaign and the standard or manual campaign. Take a look!

What is Smart Shopping?

When we refer to Smart Shopping we are referring directly to a subtype of campaign belonging to Google Ads which provides automation in the selection of your products, as well as in the searches in which they are displayed. It is important to note that this tool has proven to be very efficient and functional for most advertisers.

Basically, it is an intelligent mechanism that, by automating processes, shows your ads to interested people at the most appropriate time. Quite attractive, right? But you should know that this tool also has some weak points when using it.

As an advertiser, in theory, you will allow your ad to be seen by a greater number of people who are really interested and have a greater reach. However, all of this is done through automation, so you'll have to hand over your control as an advertiser to Smart Shopping to take over.

This is the main difference that exists between these two types of campaigns; in manual or standard shopping you can have a greater level of control over your ad. Which means that you have the option to see the queries to the ad, enhance it at a certain time and make in-depth modifications.


Smart Shopping Vs Standard Shopping: Which is better?

Much will depend on how much knowledge you have about one or the other and which option best suits your tastes. With automation in Smart Shopping You can let the platform take care of practically everything, but you are left without advertiser control .

This may be seen by many as an advantage, however, for others it may be seen as a major disadvantage. Below we will show you some of the most relevant differences between these two types of campaigns, take a look

  • For stricter advertisers, the manual or standard campaign may be a better option as it allows more control over the ad. While in Smart shopping You need to give up control so that Google can take care of it.
  • Transparency in the campaign is much better in the standard methodology since you are the one who manages it.
  • One of the biggest advantages of smart shopping is that it uses multiple networks to achieve greater reach, YouTube, Gmail, search network, display network and others.
  • The potential to optimize a campaign is much greater in manual campaigns since basically with Smart Shopping this option is not available.

All of these are characteristics of each type of campaign that are designed and developed to best adapt to your needs. This is why we say that to a large extent, the choice between one or the other depends on how you prefer to do things.

If you want to eliminate headaches and rely on the automation of this process, then the Smart Shopping option surely sounds much more attractive to you. On the other hand, if you enjoy controlling your ads and boosting them more, then the manual methodology is the most suitable.

smart shopping advantages

Different types of digital campaigns adapted to your needs

You already know a little more about Smart Shopping and manual Shopping campaigns and you even know some of their most relevant characteristics and disadvantages. All that remains is to invite you to use the one with which you feel most comfortable working and make the most of the benefits it can offer you.

With the arrival of e-commerce, many companies moved to the digital side of sales and it is extremely important to stay updated to know the latest tools. This way you will be able to know if any of them symbolize a viable alternative for your venture or business.

These campaigns are usually extremely relevant when it comes to getting results, regardless of whether Smart Shopping or Standard Shopping is used.

If you want to know more about this topic or require advice, at MHA you will find the solution , because our commitment is to guide you in the best way in this extremely competitive digital era.

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