Google Ads: What are dynamic search ads?

In this post we will explain what are dynamic search ads? As well as the best recommendations so that your ads are fully functional and effective.

Dynamic search ads Google Ads

What are Google Dynamic Search Ads?

Also Known As Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), They are semi-automatic campaigns that allow us to generate specific ads and target them towards very specific audiences .

In other words, it is to make life easier for the consumer, since through the searches they carry out on Google , dynamic ads detect your needs and guide you to the best offer .

Unlike other campaigns Google Ads , dynamic search ads use the content of your website to develop and target the publications in the best way , they are also an excellent support to complement campaigns that are based on keywords.

Another great advantage that DSAs have is that both the landing pages and the titles of the ads are also generated with the content of your own website, which allows you to save time and give your ads more relevance.

What are the benefits of using Dynamic Search Ads?

Develop ads with attractive and relevant headlines

When a user performs a specific search and it is relevant to your offer (product or service), Google Ads dynamically generates an ad with a clear headline and directs it to the most relevant page on your site.

Generate more web traffic

Dynamic Search Ads help increase traffic and of course sales by identifying new listing opportunities.

They allow you to take control of the ads

You can choose to show your ads according to your specifications, either for your entire website, by categories or on specific pages. It also gives you the option to restrict your ads to products or services that are not currently available.

Save time

By using the information from your website you will no longer have to puzzle over creating new offers or assigning keywords for each product. Also, DSAs can help you get your advertising into new markets faster than other types of campaigns.

Google Ads: search ads

How does Google Ads target Dynamic Search Ads?

As we already mentioned, Dynamic Search Ads are based on the content of your website and use the landing pages to carry out the targeting.

There are different ways to specify which landing pages are the right ones for your dynamic ads. For example, you can classify your ads in groups of URLs, either by URL Contains (categories) or by urls specific with URL Equals (page feeds).

URL Contains
Segment through landing pages organized by topic and generated by Google Ads . You can choose which sets of pages to target your ads, that is, you have the option to group similar pages and of course, the level of detail.

URL Equals

Target ads to urls individual from your website. For example, if you are using these types of ads for the first time and want to test them, you can create a target (URL Equal ) to the home page of your website.

Dynamic search ads

How to create a dynamic search ad

In order to start creating a dynamic search ad you must do the following:
  1. access your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on Campaigns in the top left menu.
  3. Choose New campaign .
  4. Select one or more objectives for your campaign. Or, click Create a campaign without an objective to continue aimlessly.
  5. Choose Search as your campaign type.
  6. Select the results you want from the campaign.
  7. Click on continue .
  8. Configure name, locations, language and budget.
  9. Choose Dynamic Search Ad in General Settings.
  10. Enter the domain and select the language of your website.
  11. Click on save and continue and create a dynamic ad group and add targets.

If you require more information, you can review the following Google official page .

What are the best recommendations for your Dynamic Search Ads?

For your dynamic search ads to work efficiently and get the best results, you must have a website or a ecommerce well developed, that is, it must offer a good user experience, have sufficient inventory (products or services) and most importantly, have a SEO structure well optimized , since it is the main guide to organize the information of your DSA.

Other recommendations that you should consider is that dynamic ads are not for all sites. For example, they don't work for sites in industries like pharmaceuticals, gambling, or adult content.

Nor can it be used for websites that constantly change information (daily offers) or for pages that have an unrecognizable format for Google Ads (sites that contain mostly flash content, images or require login access).

If you want to know more about this topic or require advice, in MHA you will find the solution, because our commitment is to guide you in the best way in this highly competitive digital age.

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  • Primero, es esencial comprender que los anuncios dinámicos de búsqueda son una herramienta semiautomática que aprovecha el contenido de tu sitio web para generar anuncios relevantes.

    Esto es un gran avance en comparación con las campañas tradicionales de Google Ads, que a menudo requieren una inversión significativa de tiempo y esfuerzo en la creación y gestión de anuncios.


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