Google Discovery: What it is and how to position yourself effectively

Google Discovery is a function or a feed within the Google application that allows users to navigate personalized topics of interest to the user, based on their previous searches. Unlike the traditional Google search engine, Discovery offers you this information without having asked for it, but rather makes an interpretation and anticipates what you might like.

The content that appears on Discovery is updated every time new information relevant to the user is published. Being a suggestion and not a direct response to a keyword search, users can click and traffic can be variable, but, commonly, when content enters Google Discovery, visits to said content skyrocket.

The format of this feed is similar to that of social networks , which, with tabs or image cards, followed by the title, date and little heart, you can further customize this function.

Google Discovery suggestions include:

  • Information pages.
  • Videos .
  • Climate.
  • Advertisements.
  • Stock market data.
  • Results of football matches and other sports.
  • Etc.

Where does Google Discovery get the information from?

The AI ​​or Google algorithm, as we have already mentioned, predicts the content that may interest you by reviewing the following data:

  • Your browsing history.
  • Check the apps in which you can have access, such as YouTube, email, chats, etc.
  • Your locations.
  • Information from your devices connected by the same email account.

With this in mind, it is also possible to lend a hand to the feed and tell it what you do not want to appear and what it can suggest.

How to use Google Discovery for your business?

Being featured on Discovery offers a huge opportunity for visibility and increased organic traffic. However, until now, no one knows exactly the formula to undoubtedly appear in this feed. Despite this, there are indications and suggestions that you can apply to be successful.

Now, the first thing you should know is that any content that is indexed by Google has the opportunity to appear in Discovery; coupled with this:

  • Use large images. good quality and low size. Since being a purely visual feed, it is a super important factor. Images 1200 pixels wide are recommended.
  • Make sure that your website is adapted to mobile devices, since remember that Discovery is only for this type of device. Google takes into account the user experience and permanence, which is why it offers exactly that,
  • Analyze the contents that you will make or those that you want to optimize, making sure that they are attractive and that they can generate engagement. Like any social network, this type of content will have priority.
  • Perform On Page or Tech optimization to ensure that your content and, in general, your entire page can compete with the others.
  • Create specific and not misleading titles that do not contradict or try to confuse the user. In your content, try to respond to what you put in your titles and always play nice with keywords and their repetition.
  • Always think of your buyer persona , not the Google algorithm.

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