Landing page: Its importance in a successful ecommerce

A landing page or in Spanish, landing page, is a page made expressly or especially to generate conversions or leads. Have you seen those pages where they only show you information about a single product and that at all times invite you to register or buy it? This is classified as a landing page and depending on how well it is done, it can depend on the conversion success.

One of the main ideas of a landing page is to take advantage of and be able to convert the traffic that arrives to sales or leads . Within the landing pages, there are calls to action or calls to action (CTA).

There are 2 main types of landing pages:

Leads : When these types of landings are created, the objective is to capture the user's information, their email, telephone, etc. With this data, a lead nurturing process begins that must end in the conversion. Here, the inbound methodology is used where something of value can be offered to the user such as access to a webinar, ebooks, podcast, etc.

Conversion : Here, the collection of data goes to the background and what is of interest is to guide the user to the purchase. In general, the slogans are simple and with few elements that can distract the potential buyer.

What is a good landing page?

The objective of a landing page will vary according to our objective and as we have just read, there are 2, leads or conversions.

Let's remember that a landing page must be different from your home page or a blog entry, it is a page previously studied to highlight your product or service.

The landing page is created from the moment we think about the needs of our buyer persona ,

Once the above is identified, follow the following recommendations

  • Create a clear and persuasive title, do not be confusing and offer the value of your product from the beginning.
  • Once the headline grabs attention, you need to create equally compelling copy. Remember that you must write texts that are not too long, with easy-to-understand words and with bullet points or lists, everything desirable in SEO that you already know.
  • Offer high quality and real images of the product or service. Don't just look for it to look good, but to show it working.
  • Along with the previous point, give testimonials or experiences from real people who have already used the service and are satisfied. Include articles or any mention that has been made to you in the press.
  • Add videos if you see fit. You can add Youtube videos and thus make the residence time and trust go up.
  • Create attractive CTAs, do not stay with the simple "Buy now", but prompt the solution within the "I want to solve my problem now" button, for example. Also, make different versions by testing colors and locations to see which one works best for you.
  • Create simple and short forms, ask only what is necessary, because if the user feels that it is too long, they will prefer to leave.
If you want to know more about this topic or require advice, in MHA you will find the solution  because our commitment is to guide you in the best way in this highly competitive digital age.

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