Tiktok Ads: how to advertise on TikTok

With just over a billion active users (since the last report in July 2022), the TikTok social network has established itself as one of the most popular in the world, only behind Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

It is a Chinese social platform that offers a short video hosting service. It is considered a social network that helps to explore the different levels of entertainment, information and communication. And as with almost any social network, it's an excellent channel for executing marketing and advertising strategies .

Due to the formats and trends that proliferate on TikTok, it is common for brands, companies and organizations to use this platform to get closer to a certain audience.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting the type of audience that predominates in this social network. And it is estimated that TikTok "belongs" to that population that was born after 1996, also known as generation Z, although it can also be said that millennials have a considerable impact on this platform.

Likewise, this does not exclude other populations from the social network. There are practically people of all ages on TikTok. For this reason, it has shown itself to be an essential channel for launching different marketing, content and advertising proposals.

What are ads on TikTok?

Just as there are various versions of a social network for doing business (see the case of Meta for Business or WhatsApp Business), there is also one on TikTok and it is called TikTok for Business . In this version of the application it is possible to create and promote advertisements for services and products.

TikTok ads are an advertising tool that makes users who scroll their main feed find ads that are close to their interests or that may have an impact on them.

Types of ads on TikTok

Now that you know that TikTok is a potential channel to reach other types of populations, it's time to learn about the type of ads that exist within this platform.

In-Feed Ads

They are ads that have a format similar to conventional tiktoks. They can last up to 60 seconds and offer greater interaction with the public, since users can share, comment and even like these ads. Every certain amount of tiktoks appear, without being invasive with the users.

Brand Takeover Ads

The visual format is similar to the In-Feed, since they have a certain resemblance to the native content of the social network. However, the duration of these ads is long, being limited to 3 to 5 seconds for videos and 3 seconds for static images. Outgoing links may be included. The price of these ads is usually higher.

shopping features

Although it is not 100% a TikTok ad, it is a tool that helps companies, brands and businesses to boost the reach of their products. It is an ecommerce version of this social platform, where users can buy and sell their services or products. This tool works perfectly if accompanied by good publicity.

Top View Ads

Its format is similar to In-Feed and Brand Takeovers. They tend to resemble the native content of the social network. Like In-Feeds, they can last up to 60 seconds. They can appear as soon as users open the app and while scrolling through their feeds.

Ads Hashtag Challenges

TikTok is a social network that is managed according to the trends and news that appear from time to time on the platform. This is largely due to the use of hashtags to categorize popular content. For this reason, ads of this type seek to harness the power of hashtags to invite users to create content in favor of a brand's campaign.

It should be mentioned that there are other types of ads, however, many of them are in the testing phase or their use is restricted to certain countries. The ad formats that we have just presented to you are the most popular and profitable on the platform today.

How much to invest in TikTok ads?

According to the official TikTok for Business site,there is the ability to create flexible budgets that work for businesses of any size. This allows ROI to improve and be the right one for every business.

In this sense, there is no exact amount that is recommended to invest in TikTok ads, since the needs and desires of each brand vary.

Usually ads on the social network charge per thousand impressions. In other words, for every thousand views achieved, the advertiser will be charged US $10.00, the equivalent of just over $190.00 Mexican pesos.

Starting from this base, and taking into account the objectives or interests of the brand, it is necessary to think about how much you want to invest in TikTok ads.

How much does advertising cost on TikTok?

As mentioned above, TikTok advertising charges US $10.00 for every thousand views , the equivalent of just over $190.00 Mexican pesos. Naturally there are variations in prices, although this also depends on the type of advertising that is required.

How to create an ad campaign on TikTok?

Creating a TikTok campaign is easy. The interface of the platform is usually intuitive, so it should not be a challenge to create and launch an ad campaign. Even so, here are the steps to create a campaign on TikTok:

Identify the objective of the campaign

Do you want to have traffic, downloads of your application or convert users? Whatever the purpose of your campaign, TikTok will help you optimize the media and content to meet the purposes they have set.

Locate your target audience

Being a social network used by all kinds of people, the campaign targeting options are as specific as you want. This will help you reach the right audience.

Choose the budget

As mentioned above, budgets can be adjusted based on the size of the business or company, in order to obtain the appropriate ROI. By setting your budget, the duration of the campaign will also be adjusted.

Create and upload your ad

It is the creative part of the whole process, which can be done before or after. You can create your campaign with editing tools from the social network itself or create them with professional software. Remember to check the formats that TikTok allows, this in order to avoid restrictions on your content or that the material is not displayed correctly.

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