Magic Cradle: A case of successful digital marketing strategy

Cuna Mágica is a Mexican company dedicated to the production of furniture for infants. Among its products are cribs, chests of drawers, changing tables, baby beds, mattresses and duvets. The approach with the digital marketing agency MHA was as follows.

First contact and objectives

Cuna Mágica approached MHA to improve their Facebook Ads campaigns. Here it is important to clarify that the brand had a Shopify page and paid campaigns on Google. The budget allocated to these Google and Facebook campaigns was tiny, since the website was only the channel for arrival and purchase after marketing work at exhibitions, comments on social networks, etc.

With this in mind, the objective was to create advertising campaigns focused on generating conversion. Therefore, we had to understand the user (create the buyer persona) and thus create attractive ads.

We found?

Already described above, MHA carried out an audit of the site to understand the customer journey .

Problems on the product page . When you open an ecommerce, you will have to compete with a whole horde of sites that already have more experience than you. Therefore, one of the tools is to make a product page. You must tell your users why your product is special. MHA proposed improving this aspect.

The page did not communicate enough . When we entered the site, we didn't see the difference or why we should buy the crib there for my first, second, or third child.

Payment methods . We found errors in payment methods.

Many clicks on the shopping cart , which makes the potential buyer desperate or bored and makes them abandon the page.

What was done?

Rich product pages. More images, longer descriptions, materials, safety, resolve frequently asked questions.

Demonstrate the value proposition on the website. A common mistake is not knowing how to translate the value proposition into a web page. Although Cuna Mágica already knew what it was, we had to work on that aspect as well.

Expand payment methods and provide facilities to the user so that they do not encounter obstacles in their purchase.

We optimized the shopping cart and the payment process so that it was done with the fewest number of clicks and with the minimum information.

Paid campaigns

MHA started SEM with Google . Campaigns were created from scratch, finding and optimizing keywords, banners, titles, etc. Branding and related word campaigns were carried out.

However, after doing this for a month, we realized something . The objective was not to create total conversions , where the user makes the purchase. We had to understand that a crib, changing table and more related items are items that are reviewed in advance for the arrival of a baby, which is why very few first visitors will purchase it.

Therefore, we focus our campaigns on micro conversions, specifically: add to cart . Therefore, sales became subject to additions to cart, the user can return when their baby is about to be born.

The goal: Let's generate more carts!

Facebook and Google campaigns, now, had the objective of being optimized to create shopping carts.

Knowing that this was the goal, the increase in carts occurred over a period of approximately 2 months.

And then? Already having full carts, now it was time to follow up, so remarketing campaigns were created , extending for up to 180 days.

Likewise, an email marketing campaign was implemented to encourage and maintain the user's desire to purchase. It should be noted that Cuna Mágica already had a mailing strategy , however, with the new approach, MHA optimized the messages: improving the subject, cleaning the database, improving the CTA.

In addition to improving the experience, we also took advantage of the affective and emotional issue of babies to insert content that gave value to the user, not just talking about cribs, but about the protagonists who will use them. This change boosted email open rates and click-through rates by 25%.

Google and Facebook ads also underwent this emotional treatment and we also saw an increase in CTR. People don't buy a product, they buy an emotion.

Observing the success, it was decided to double the budget on a regular basis to take advantage of the inertia we had achieved. With this action. In a period of 7 months after starting, sales of Cuna Mágica tripled .

The biggest challenge with Cuna Mágica

The biggest challenge for MHA with Cuna Mágica was understanding the true objective of our efforts, it was not the immediate sale, it was the carts and the follow-up. Understanding this gave us a change, however, for any agency the demand for almost immediate results can be a challenge and the client did not see tangible sales after 3 months.

In these cases, approaching the client is super important, and making it clear to them that by having a well-defined objective and attacking, the results will arrive in the medium and long term.

Cribs and products of this type are long-term. Each company must know the way its customers buy and adapt its strategies to it.


Cuna Mágica, a baby furniture company, wanted an increase in conversions. MHA found points of improvement in the product page, payment methods, purchasing process. Work was done on them at the same time that marketing campaigns were launched to increase sales. However, we realized that the “add to cart” micro conversion was the right way to go.

The ads were improved with the objective already found and retargeting and email campaigns were carried out to remain in the user's mind.

In addition to the above, we implement an emotional strategy, without losing sight of the objective offering of the product. Sales tripled in a period of 7 months.

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