Elements of an effective Homepage

A website is essential to have a digital business and your Homepage is your letter of introduction; When a potential buyer finds a website that has products or services that interest them, they expect to find answers to all their questions. Normally this is communicated within the Homepage, regardless of whether it is also distributed within other pages of the site, which is why you We share 5 elements that must be present on your Homepage to generate better traffic, leads and/or sales:

A clear value proposition

Let users know exactly what your value proposition is (or what they are). This may seem obvious, however, there are many businesses that assume that “it is understood” and are not direct when communicating. If people don't understand what your company does, who does it, why it does it, or what they can expect, they may not stay to find out and will simply leave your site.

It is also important that you know who you are speaking to, the language you should use and the information that will be most relevant to your potential audience. Remember to keep it clear, evident, understandable and customer-focused; Placing the value proposition on your main banner is an excellent idea to make it stand out.

Intuitive navigation

Navigation should be intuitive and easy to understand if you expect the user to click on a button or visit product or service categories; It depends on the brand recognition of the business which sections will be most relevant and what names they should have. For example, if you sell backpacks and subdivide the categories by the material with which they are made, do not assume that users will know what each one is, facilitate navigation by more general categories: “school backpacks”, “anti-theft backpacks”. ”, “laptop backpacks”, etc.; This applies especially if there is little brand recognition.

Also make it intuitive what you expect the user to do once they enter the homepage, distribute the information and buttons strategically to guide effectively, when a user feels confused, they may leave the site. This is closely related to the next point.

A clear call to action

It should be very clear what you expect the user to do next. Do you want them to subscribe to the blog? Do you want them to explore the products by category? Do you want them to register?

It is important to add buttons that stand out from the rest of the information to invite the user to continue their experience on the page in the direction you expect them to; You can add the calls to action several times within the homepage, again, strategically arranged.

For example, present the value proposition in the main banner, then add factors that differentiate you from the competition, then present your service or product categories and add links so that they can learn more information about each one; In the second section of the homepage, add elements that provide reputation to your brand, such as reviews and mentions in the media, then place a carousel of your most requested products or services and place a call to action again.

Distribute the information in a logical and linked way, think about if you were talking directly to the user, for example: first you have to tell them what you do, then why they should buy or hire you, then convince them that you are a good alternative and/ or the solution to a problem.


Amazon's strong suit, surely before buying a product on Amazon you read the reviews, thereby convincing yourself of whether the product is worth what it costs and if it is what you are looking for; Let your potential customers know that you have a track record, a good reputation and that you are a trustworthy site to make a purchase or to leave their data in a registry.

In addition to giving confidence, it is a good practice to improve the SEO of your website. Learn more tips for your SEO strategy here.

Contact information and/or messenger or WhatsApp button

Surely more than once you have needed technical support, human contact or have required even more information to convince you to register or buy.

Contact information is usually found in the footer of the site and is visible no matter what page you are on. You should include your postal address, an email, and a telephone number; However, for a few years now, users expect immediate attention, so having a button to start a conversation on messenger, WhatsApp or any other platform will give a quick response to users and, therefore, their purchase intention. It will not decrease over time.

If you cannot handle this medium, consider integrating a chatbot that helps you filter messages and respond to the most common concerns without human intervention, saving you a lot of time.

These are just 5 points that you should take into account when you are designing or redesigning your website, however, each industry has particular elements that could improve the user experience; The key to achieving an effective Homepage is to put yourself on the consumer's side and know your potential client; Ask yourself frequently, what do they need to know? What could I improve to retain the user on my site?

If you want to have more data on the behavior of users once they are already on your site, you can consult Google Analytics. Here we share 5 metrics that you should analyze weekly to detect areas of opportunity, weaknesses and strengths.

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