Hot Sale 2024: Dates, who participates and how to prepare your online store

Hot Sale 2024 is a great opportunity for online merchants to increase their sales and attract new customers, taking advantage of consumer interest and demand for the exclusive deals and promotions offered during this event.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the Hot Sale 2024: when it takes place, who participates and how to prepare your online store to get the most out of this campaign.

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When does the Hot Sale 2024 take place?

The Hot Sale 2024 will take place from May 15 to 23, from 00:00 on the first day to 23:59 on the last day.

During these 9 days, consumers will be able to access offers and promotions from participating online stores, from any device with an internet connection.

The Hot Sale 2024 will last 216 hours, which means you will have more time to showcase your products and services, generate traffic to your website, and increase your conversions.

Who will participate in Hot Sale 2024?

Hot Sale 2024 is an initiative of the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), which seeks to promote the development of electronic commerce in Mexico and promote a culture of intelligent and responsible consumption.

It has the support of various institutions, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (PROFECO), the National Entrepreneur Institute (INADEM), the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CANACO) and the MX Internet Association (AIMX).

To participate in the Hot Sale 2024, online stores must comply with the requirements and standards established by AMVO, which guarantee the security, quality and transparency of offers and promotions.

The ecommerce that join benefit from the dissemination and visibility that the event gives them, as well as the trust and preference of consumers.

In addition, they can access various resources and tools that make it easier for them to prepare and execute their sales strategies.

How to prepare your online store for Hot Sale 2024?

To prepare your online store for Hot Sale 2024, it is important that you follow a series of steps that will help you optimize your website, define your offers and promotions, communicate your value proposition and measure your results.

Some of the steps you must follow are:

  • Analyze your market, your competition and your target audience to identify the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your business, as well as the needs, desires and purchasing habits of your potential customers.
  • Establish your objectives, your budget and your action plan, to determine what you want to achieve with the Hot Sale 2024, how much money you can invest and what actions you are going to take to achieve your goals.
  • Select your products and services, and define your offers and promotions, to offer your customers attractive, convenient and competitive options that fit your profit margin and your available inventory.
  • Optimize your website to improve the speed, navigability, usability and security of your page, and to facilitate the purchase and payment process for your customers. You should also make sure that your website is responsive, that is, that it adapts to the different screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices.
  • Create and disseminate your content to communicate your value proposition, generate interest and trust in your customers, and persuade them to buy your products or services. To do this, you can use different channels and formats, such as social networks, blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.
  • Measure and evaluate your results, to know the performance of your online store during Hot Sale 2024, and to identify areas for improvement, good practices and growth opportunities. To do this, you can use different tools and metrics, such as Google Analytics , Facebook Insights , conversion rate, return on investment, customer satisfaction, etc.

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